Phastlife Media Group Launches Music Distribution with The Orchard


Seeking New Acts to Add to Roster of Legends & Emerging Talent

   Seeking New Acts to Add to Roster of Legends & Emerging Talent

Los Angeles, CA: Phastlife Media Group (PLMG) is a record label and media group that celebrates Hip Hop and Plus-Size cultures. Effective immediately, music releases will be digitally distributed by The Orchard, a Sony Music Entertainment company.

Through strategic partnerships and a global reach, PLMG has the ability to raise awareness about its artists’ releases with enlisted marketing teams, relationships with blogs, and PR personnel -including the Beverly Hills, Ca based firm, AWJ Platinum PR

Current clients include rap legends Positive K and EPMD’s Parish Smith’s label Hit Squad Music Group. PLMG’s roster of emerging talent includes RJ da Realest, Vyper, Madd Scientist, Lyric Richardson, Jonny T and plus-sized goddess emcee, Christy Live. We are currently seeking new acts!

PLMG holds a “size-inclusion” outlook and has created a platform where the under-served plus-size community can be celebrated and included in mainstream multimedia releases in prominent roles produced in part or wholly by PLMG. 

Visit the company website for the latest news, releases and to submit demos


About The Orchard: Wholly owned by Sony Music Entertainment and based in New York City, The Orchard specializes in media distribution, marketing and sales. It also collaborates with independent artists, labels and others to provide content worldwide.