San Diego, CA – May 24, 2019 – Picnic People San Diego, a San Diego catering company that loves to party, has announced a guide to summer fun.

“We know what it takes to put on excellent events, whether they’re spirit-filled tailgates, family-friendly company picnics, or weekday team building events. As a full-service event planning company, we handle every single detail so all you have to do is relax and have a great time. Check out what we offer and start imagining an event that will be remembered for years to come.”

Leave the event planning to the experts—we’ve been doing this all over San Diego for over 35 years, so we’ve got it down. Our goal, every time, is to work with you to develop a vision for your event and create something unforgettable for your employees.

At Picnic People San Diego, we’re going to keep bringing the fun to America’s Finest City! Our team is always looking for new challenges. We’ll continue to take everything we’ve learned and apply our 5-step process to every single event. As our clients grow and their needs change, we’ll grow right along with them—and maybe throw a few fun surprises their way. Our events may evolve, but our values and commitment to fun will never change.

At Picnic People, we LOVE what we do—bringing fun, relaxation, and laughs everywhere we go. We create exciting, unique experiences for organizations throughout San Diego because we believe in spreading joy. A full-service San Diego catering and events company, we thrive on sunshine, games, good food, and fun.

Our events include:

Company Picnic – Recognize your employees for their hard work, help them build relationships, or reward them and their families—there’s no bad reason for a company picnic! When San Diego is full of incredible options for where to go and what to do, why not take the opportunity to get outside and have some fun?

BBQ Catering – We do BBQ right. Everything is slow-smoked or grilled over live fire. Our Southern Pride smoker holds 2,000 pounds of meat and we use Tennessee hickory and California oak to smoke that meat for up to 12 hours. We bring our live fire grill to your site so we can tantalize everybody with mouth-watering aromas. We also have a PigOut roaster so you can watch your whole pig cook to perfection.

Team Building – If you want to foster better teamwork in your office or just want to give your employees a chance to forge and strengthen relationships, our corporate team building activities and team bonding events are just the thing. Our games and activities are designed to be inclusive for the whole office and create an environment for your employees to learn about each other, test their skills, and engage in some healthy competition.

Office Lunches – In San Diego, we’ll take any excuse to get outside and kick back, even if it’s just for an hour or two. Then we’ll head back to work feeling refreshed and energized. Shake up your team’s typical lunch with our office lunch catering, and you can add a little something extra—play some games or get everyone involved in some team bonding activities!

Tailgates – What better way to show team spirit? Tailgating is a great option for alumni groups, local companies, and social groups to build connections and make new friends (at least you have one thing in common with everyone there!). Whether it’s an Aztec football game or the Holiday Bowl, we’ll take care of all the planning and details so you just need to find the perfect shade of face paint and practice the fight song.

Weekday Events – Casual weekday events are a great way to give your employees a chance to relax. You don’t need an excuse for one, but here are a few, just in case: celebrate finishing a big project or product launch, group birthdays, receiving an outside award or recognition, honor an employee who’s retiring or reaching a big work anniversary…need we go on?

Happy Hours – Your team works hard, so why not reward them for their efforts? Whether your employees are craft beer enthusiasts or just want to enjoy a cold one at the end of the day, a company happy hour is a great way for them to relax, get to know each other better and strengthen friendships.

Office Parties – Whether it’s work-related (promotions, new hires, retirements, company anniversaries), personal (weddings, new babies, birthdays), or a company accomplishment (reaching a goal or milestone, receiving an award or recognition), an office party is a great way to bring everyone together to celebrate…anything! We’ve planned and hosted office parties of all kinds, for all reasons—holidays, birthdays, or just because.

Holiday Parties – The end of the year is made for celebrations—and in San Diego, we can still bring the party outside! Celebrate the hard work your employees have done all year with some special treats for them and their families. Set the tone for a happy season with a company holiday party that’s unique and customized to your organization and employees.

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