Pool Guard USA Helps People Understand How To Make Their Swimming Pool Safer


It can take less than 30 seconds for a child to drown in a swimming pool. 70 percent of victims of drownings in 2017 were children under the age of five. Pool Guard USA want to reduce that figure through a safety awareness campaign.


A leading supplier of pool safety products has launched an important awareness campaign to help owners of swimming pools understand why they should install a pool guard and other swimming pool safety products. Pool Guard USA has said a swimming pool is a wonderful thing to have but with an average of 350 child deaths each year through drowning it can also be a danger hazard.


Pool Guard USA who has over 20 year’s experience in their field is determined to reduce the number of child deaths that occur each year. They hope with this awareness campaign they can make people understand how they can make their swimming pool a much safer environment for children.


Between 2005-2014 there was around 3,536 accidental drownings in the United States, around one in five of those who died were 14 and younger. That is a shocking statistic. In 2018 it was reported that 70 percent of those who died the previous year were under the age of five. Most deaths from drowning occur in June, July, and August.


It can take less than 30 seconds for a child to drown, often when a child is struggling with water entering directly into their airway the child could drown quietly. 30 seconds is less than it takes to boil a kettle, and 30 seconds is less than it takes most people to walk from the front door of their home to their home. Yet, during that time, somewhere in the USA a child could be drowning which could have been prevented with a pool guard.


There are many products available to make a swimming pools safer. One of the most important swimming pool safety products is a pool fence and pool safety gate. These two products help make sure that no child can access the swimming pool when no adults are around, or when they are not supposed to be around the pool. By installing these two products it can reduce the number of accidental drownings.


Another important swimming pool safety product that can reduce the number of avoidable child deaths each year is a pool cover. When not in use, a pool cover can make the pool safer and stop a child from falling into the pool if they wander off.


A spokesman for Pool Guard USA explained the importance of using swimming pool safety products. “Swimming pool safety products can help reduce the number of deaths that occur each year. These products can save lives and each person who owns a pool should make sure their pool is safe to avoid a child from drowning.”


As a leader in their field, Pool Guard USA has a wide range of pool safety products which can be seen by visiting https://www.poolguardusa.com


About Pool Guard USA

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