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Through the Pre-Shipment Inspection, retailers and brands can reduce the loss to the company by checking on the quality of the goods before they are dispatched. It also enables to make sure that the goods are regulations compliant and that scams are avoided.


Tetra Inspection, a leading Pre-Shipment Inspection service is warning those involved in International Trade of the importance of employing a Pre-Shipment Inspection Service. A Pre-Shipment inspection service helps to save retailers and brands money by reducing the loss to the company through the valuation, and appraisal of all imports before they are sent onto the customer.


Since launching their Pre-Shipment Inspection service, Tetra Inspection has become a leader in their field. They have helped their clients to save money and avoid a serious loss by rooting out defective goods and low-quality goods. Their service allows for their clients to reduce the number of returns from their customers due to products being defective.


Tetra Inspection provides a service where they will visit the Vendor’s premises to do physical spot checks on goods that are intended to be despatched.


When asked how they check the goods, a spokesman for Tetra Inspection replied: “We visit the production companies premises and provide a physical check on the products. When we visit, we randomly check the products using the statistical sampling procedure commonly known as AQL or ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQ Z1.4).”


In 2016 world trade in goods was valued at about $16 trillion. However, each year billions of dollars are being lost due to scams, low-quality and defective goods. That is why more companies and governments are implanting Pre-Shipment Inspections to reduce the money that is lost in International Trade.  


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Founders and Tetra Inspection management are all from the operations background with proven records in managing companies in Quality Control and Quality Assurance industry.


Notes to the editor:


What is Checked During A Pre-Shipment Inspection?



    Product conformity to specifications.


    Packaging, marking, and labelling.

    Measurements, weights, and GSM.

    Field tests.


    Carton drop test (ASTM D5276), Function test, Color fasten test, Adhesive test (ASTM D3359-02)…etc