Premier Jewelers have been building a sterling reputation for over twenty years on the Southside of Jacksonville


Premier Jewelers have been building a sterling reputation for over twenty years on the Southside of Jacksonville. Your Jacksonville Jeweler, Premier Jewelers, has been locally owned by the Nedrow Family since 1998. It has been a one stop shop for superior jewelry repair. One of the pillars of Premier Jewelers’ success has been the Quality of it’s Jewelry repair services. The only reason for that quality, was the work of Master Jeweler Tim Le. Tim has become a sought after commodity in the Jacksonville jewelry repair market as his reputation for quality has grown. 

Tim Le, a Master Jeweler that boasts over 20 years of experience in the industry, recently acquired Premier Jewelers of Jacksonville Florida.

Needing a place to call his own, Tim acquired Premier Jewelers from long time owner Glenn Nedrow. Tim knew the store, the customers, and Premier Jeweler’s reputation in the community. Glenn knew Tim’s commitment to quality jewelry, quality jewelry repair, and his most of all Tim’s customers. Tim has been repairing jewelry for Premier Jewelers for the past 18 years, and he looks forward to the next 18 right at home on Baymeadows and Southside. 

“Tim understands our customers and business. He will strive to keep Premier Jewelers a 5 star rated Jewelry store. I’m happy to keep Premier Jewelers in the family” said Glenn Nedrow of new owner Tim Le.

Tim knows that if you can repair and restore a symbol of precious memories and feelings, those customers will come back for that same feeling in their new jewelry. Premier Jewelers has always been a customer first operation and has worked diligently to achieve every last one of its numerous 5 star ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and across the web. Jacksonville Jeweler, Premier Jewelers is also proud to feature exquisite rings, pendants, earrings, and much more.

All of Jacksonville Jeweler, Premier Jewelers’ jewelry is available at competitive prices since Premier Jewelers procures diamonds as directly as possible. By eliminating middlemen, Premier can provide customers with quality Diamond Engagement jewelry and impressive savings. Premier Jewelers also offers an online showcase of Jewelry at This makes it easy for shoppers to find the perfect piece of jewelry from their favorite device.

You can read more about Jacksonville’s Master Jeweler Tim Le and the Premier Jewelers Ownership group on their website.

Stop by and see Tim at Premier Jewelers today! Located at 9810 Baymeadows Rd #11, Jacksonville, FL 32256. You can also call the store at (904) 338-0921 

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