Prepare for Valentine’s Day with the perfect gift – Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal


CHICAGO, IL – January 17, 2020 – Susan ‘Honey’ Good has created one of the most memorable gifts that a grandmother could ever receive. The journal allows grandmothers to share their magical memories and go down memory lane to their first date, and what is was like growing up compared to today.

For all those granddads panicking about Valentine’s Day; don’t worry – the panic is over. Lifestyle expert and Influencer Susan Honey Good has you covered. The founder of who has been described as a “hip 21st century grandmother” and a vibrant, visible role model has a gift that every grandmother would love to have.

Susan Honey Good has written the journal Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal, which was a big seller in 2019.  The stylish, and beautifully designed journal allows grandmothers to revisit their fondest memories through the guidance of the numerous topics in Q & A formats. Imagine, giving a gift on Valentine’s Day that brings a smile to a loved one’s face as they go back in time to all those fantastic memories.

Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal is a personal history book, allowing grandmothers to write down their fondest memories, which they can then share with their loved ones for generations. The journal is not just a gift to give a loved one; it’s a gift that can be handed down again and again, allowing generations to know more about a special person in their life.

The grandmother of 27 grandchildren wanted to produce something that would allow grandmothers all around the world to go back in time and walk down memory lane. Susan Honey Good shares her own humorous personal quotes about being a grandmother and shares her own memories. They include how she entertained herself as a child, and what dating was like back in the day. There are some funny stories and poignant moments including challenges and opportunities. This special journal provides entries for grandmothers to fill in their own special moments and memories.

“Every child wants to know his or her family history,” says author Honey Good. “This journal begins with the birth of their grandmother and follows her life and her family’s path. After going through their grandmother’s childhood and the different stages of her life, the book ends with her words of wisdom and her dreams for her grandchildren. I always say that the greatest gift a grandmother can leave her children is what she leaves them in their head.”

The Q & A makes the journal very easy to use. It provides space for entries for different memories including a first date, wedding day and so many more special memories. Grandmothers can go down memory lane and create their own personal history book.

This is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year. To learn more about the book, and to make a purchase, please visit: Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal.

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