Proze amazes with its Latest Smartphone Accessory


Proze amazes with its Latest Smartphone Accessory

Innovative technology-driven solutions provider, Proze announces the launch of the Proze Wireless Fast Charger

Proze has taken another step towards becoming the go-to provider for affordable and quality consumer electronics as the company recently launched the Proze Wireless Fast Charger. The product is uniquely designed with amazing features that help it to stand out from other brands as it’s launched in line with the company’s mission of providing high quality Audio, Video and Mobile Accessories to its customers across the globe at an affordable price.

Proze is known for its high quality and well-designed tech to make living easier and more comfortable. The Proze Wireless Charger is no different. It comes with the latest fast charging technology amongst other great features. It has larger internal coils, which allows a greater power transfer to your device, whilst also not creating and releasing as much heat, so your phone stays cooler and charges faster.

Other features of the Wireless Charger include a stylish, slim line aluminium body, this further increases its ability to stay cool where others get hot. It has a soft blue breathing lamp for when it’s charging, so you know when it is working, yet it’s soft enough to allow you to sleep, if used next to your bed. The Proze fast charger also comes with rubber non-slip pad on the top and small non-slip feet, so it won’t slide about, and neither will your phone.

It also has a foreign object detection, so if something goes on it that shouldn’t, then it will let you know, this saves power and prevents any accidents. It also has the usual voltage and surge protection as well as having a greater sensing range than most, allowing it to detect and charge your phone up to 8mm away. So, a thick phone case won’t interfere with your charging. As well as intelligent phone detection, so the correct power is delivered and when used with the correct Quick Charge Adapter, allows your QC compatible phone to be charged before you know it.

More information about Proze Wireless Charger and other products from Proze can be found here on and on the Proze website.

About Proze:

Proze is a leading provider of consumer electronics. Their mission is to offer high quality Audio, Video and Mobile Accessories to people worldwide at an affordable price.