Quickkonnect: One step multi-platform contact exchange


Quickkonnect: One step multi-platform contact exchange

QK is the easiest one-step way to connect quickly with someone across all mutual social media and exchange contact details. All information stays live so you never need to worry about your contact’s information being outdated.

Wanting to become the new norm for networking is difficult and involves a strong innovative concept. QK strives to deliver this. By using the app, you will keep your contact information and social media accounts conveniently updated. With a simple scan of your customizable code, the person with whom you would like to connect, will receive the information that you would like to share, and vice-versa.

New Update, New concept. QK has launched another app version in late December 2018, which has made the application a faster, universally applicable and more user friendly. A user now has the possibility to share their contact information through several means, such as Airdrop, messaging, hyperlinks and even QR codes that are responsive to all types of smartphones. This is done through the creation of a web-based copy of your profile which you can share with non-QK users. This means that information can be shared without having the app. The days of limitation have now vanished— the app provides more benefit than ever before. QK is now setting the stones for their 2019 strategy, simply put, the drastic expansion of their user-base.

Over the winter holidays, the team at Quickkonnect has been working hard to strategize the best techniques to grow its user base. The company is now looking for brand ambassadors and interns. QK wants to be seen, heard and interacted with everywhere in each social environment. Chances are if you are in Boston, you have or will soon have heard of this application as it continues to fascinate anyone who is active on social media or needs to share contact information.


As QK is seeing phenomenal user responses in its initial area of focus, Boston, MA, the company is now planning to start expanding to other areas along the east coast of the US. While initial users tend to be college students or individual between the ages 16 and 25, the future sees QK to be the one app which people of all ages use to exchange information when they first meet. QK is a contact management platform like no other and the way an individual chooses to use it is completely in their hands. The company aims to cater to the needs of all demographics by allowing its users to choose what information they would like to share and how to go about this. There are a lot of things on the horizon for this groundbreaking application and to stop is certainly not one of those things.


For more information, please visit www.quickkonnect.com


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