ReliefCare Launches Multipurpose Forehead and Ear Digital Thermometer with Enhanced Infrared Technology


Newly-launched baby thermometer turns out to be just as helpful to take the temperature of adults, rooms, milk bottles, food, bath water, and such.


Hillside, New Jersey – May 14, 2019 Bringing comfort to moms, dads, and little ones, ReliefCare launches what can only be described as a “they have thought of everything” product.  On task with instant temperature readings within one second for everyone in the family, the company’s newly-launched digital thermometer has upped the ante on keeping cool.  With a multifunctional LCD screen and color display, it uses an enhanced infrared sensor to signal a fever alarm when something’s amiss. Now, parents worldwide via Amazon are acquainting themselves with the newest technology fevers can’t hide from.


To use, simply run the infant thermometer across the forehead or place it in the ear to start the memory function and take an accurate temperature.  In fact, don’t just take one temperature.  The digital thermometer can store a log of up to 25 at one time.  Battery operated and sold for under $30, the FDA and CE approved, thermometer uses visual and auditory cues. High temperatures will trigger a series of six short beeps in addition to a red light. Temperatures that are considered normal will produce a long beep and a green light on the display.  When all things are good, there’s even a little smiley face on the screen to celebrate.


Igal, CEO of ReliefCare, said of the launch, “It’s been fantastic to bring this infrared digital thermometer to market because of the convenience it provides.  You don’t even have to wake your child up to take their temperature.  And, the screen is backlit, so it’s easy to read no matter what environment you’re in; which makes it smart to carry with you too.  It looks quite good if we do say so ourselves.”


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ReliefCare is a company based in Hillside, New Jersey that supplies the marketplace with efficient medical products.  They provide medical supplies for household and professional use, for individuals, clinics, hospitals, caregivers, schools and other relevant agencies.


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