RenderSoft Ltd Selling Two Domain Collections iPhones and iTracker via a Sealed Bid Auction

The two domain collections are being sold through auction which will end on the 22nd February 2019. Each collection has six domain names

RenderSoft Ltd has today announced they are selling two prime domain collections through auction which will end on the 22nd February 2019 at 12pm.

In each collection there are six domain names. The iPhones collection includes,,,, and This collection has gained a great deal of interest due to its name which is one of the most recognizable in the world. Serious bids are required for this domain name as according to a spokesman for RenderSoft Ltd a previous offer of £15,000 was turned down.

The next collection available is the iTracker collection. This collection includes,,,, and

Each collection comes as a complete set, none of the domains can be bought separately.

Both domain collections will provide the winner of the sealed bid auction with an unprecedented opportunity to establish and grow an online presence. Since the auction was announced both collections have generated a lot of interest.

A spokesman for RenderSoft Ltd said: “We are selling two domain collections via a sealed bid auction. We have already received a great deal of interest in the domain names and due to their popularity and how important they are, we expect a great deal more interest.”

The two domain collections and more info can be seen on the two following web urls and

The bidding process has been simplified. Those people interested in gaining themselves a prime domain collection can visit either or and make a bid via the submit bid button. There is no limit to how many bids can be made, and each bid will be acknowledged with an email receipt response.

The winner of the bid will be contacted on the 22nd February 2019. For those people who have questions about the auction they can contact 01293-618448 or via email at or

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