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There are a variety of investments out there offering enticing returns and exciting opportunities. Investors today are faced with many choices where to invest their savings.

With notable investments firms hitting the headlines or all the wrong reasons there’s no wonder why a shadow has been cast over the bond market.

As several bond investments companies fail, return of investment has never been so important. Quality over quantity, precision over frivolity its is obvious which companies are paying attention to the details or choosing to place the customer first.


HULT Private Capital has returned £5.5m of investors capital plus £1.5m of interest making a total of £7m paid back on “just” PLN Property Loan Notes over the last 12 months.

These are numbers we are proud of and in today’s market conditions are figures to talk about. There are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation hard work and having a resolute commitment to excellence. The HULT investment team are miles ahead of the competition


HULT Private Capital is an award winning investment company internationally known for our fine art of balancing innovation with traditional investments. Established in 2008 HULT Private Capital has expanded over 4 different countries with over 60 highly educated wealth engineers. Characteristically designed for the HNW and Sophisticated investor HULT investments are by invitation only or considered upon application.





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