Santiago Ways Tour Introduces Great Camino de Santiago Exploration Experience


More and more pilgrims curious about Camino de Santiago routes. Santiago Ways tries to accommodate those pilgrims to explore the route with the best experience.

Cantabria, Spain – May 15, 2019 – People who love history are curious about the history of the Tomb of the Apostle Santiago in the early Middle Ages. Now, people can learn history by exploring the route which also known as the Camino de Santiago. The common issue about exploring the route is the accommodation, transportation, and assistance.

Santiago Ways is trying to support this need by running a travel agent business which focuses on delivering travelers to explore Camino de Santiago in some different routes. This service started in 2016 when a man namely Joseba Menoyo wanted to go organize the route. While organizing the route, Joseba Menoyo decided to build a travel agency to help travelers who also passionate about the history and the route. Since then, this travel agency has been able to deliver over 500 pilgrims and use Camino tours. The tours cover 5 different specializations which are Camino Frances, Camino Portuguese, Camino del Norte, Camino de Finisterre, and Camino Ingles. Each route has its own difficulties and challenges and it might be difficult to achieve for the first time travelers. The pilgrims who want to feel the route are increasing  and in 2017 Santiago Ways sent  more than 3.000 pilgrims along with Camino to explore the route.

The Camino de Santiago tours are well developed and this service has been used by many pilgrims throughout  the world including Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Columbia, and Argentina. Due to the great services, this travel agency received  positive ratings on TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and Facebooks from the users. The service is also updated and now the travelers can explore several new routes such as Camino Portugues por la Costa, Camino Primitivo, Via de la Plata, and Camino de los Faros. The Camino tour from Santiago Ways gives several benefits for pilgrims such as non-intermediate reserves, the best prices, and great service. The service includes accommodation in hotels, rural houses, and hostels along with a private bathroom.

Moreover, the pilgrims get a new meal plan experience during a trip to the Camino de Santiago. All pilgrims will get luggage transfer, travel insurance, and facilities for emergency situations. Everything has been managed well along with experience and what the pilgrims’ needs. Moreover, this travel agency supports the pilgrims with a professional team who helps to get great experience while exploring the routes. Just like Joseba Menoyo said that he is passionate about Camino de Santiago and Camino de Santiago walks tours shows everything about it.        


About Santiago Ways:

Santiago Ways is a professional travel agency. This travel agency focuses on the  Camino de Santiago, especially to give the best accommodation, transportation, and assistance. The agency has experience and a professional team to serve pilgrims to get the best service.


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