Satirical, slapstick novel draws parallels between US politics and the circus


The new novel was written by Sean Dalton and Sean Kelly, both are janitors from Ireland. This new novel has quickly gained huge exposure and has been described as a must buy for those that love a great read.

‘Clownbound: Take Me to the Circuits’ is a refreshing comedy novel written by two 22-year-old janitors from Ireland; Seán Dalton and Seán Kelly. Their controversial debut novel is humour at its most absurd featuring characters such as ‘Timmy Tim Tim Thompson’ and the ‘King of the Clowns, Ronald Drump’.

It has been described by early readers as ‘too funny to read on the bus,’ and ‘arguably the most original storyline of the year.’ Clownbound is an example of young writers at their most creative. What started off as a joke flourished into a full novel within 9 months through the two young men’s attitude of ‘why not?’

If being a clown was easy everyone would do it…’


Satirical, slapstick novel


What name spring to mind when you hear the words: hero, athlete and clown? That’s right, Timmy Tim Tim Thompson from Yugoslavia. Born into a drastically poor and abusive family, Timmy had no choice but to fend for himself. Through a series of not so fortunate events (copyright), he found his way into Clownhood.

The Circus is at war once again and it is up to Timmy to help the Clowns defeat the Magicians. On his journey he meets new friends, foes and the love of his life. The question is: will this clown be able to juggle his ego, his purpose and his desire to win gold at the 1997 Circus Olympics?

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