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Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set, Lightweight and Reusable and Perfect for Eating on The go. For those that are passionate about the environment, or those that want a quality cutlery set for camping, days out, or travel, then this is the perfect product.

While the EU crack down on ocean pollution with new measures which includes tackling those companies who produce products made from plastic, one company is helping to save the planet and make the oceans cleaner and safer for wildlife with their new product. My Little Panda want people to stop using plastic cutlery sets and instead use their Bamboo Travel Cutlery set.

With plastic cutlery being one of the ten most common plastics found washed up on European beaches, My Little Panda wanted to do something about it. They believe that everyone needs to do their bit to stop the damage that is being caused to the oceans. They want people to think twice when buying plastic products, especially when there are real alternatives available. That includes their Bamboo Travel Cutlery set which is available on Amazon priced at just £9.99. This is a real alternative to plastic cutlery sets, and since being launched on Amazon it has become a big seller.

The Bamboo Travel Cutlery set which is perfect for days out, camping, travel, and even garden parties, contains 1 x fork, 1 x knife, 1 x spoon, 1 x Straw, 1 x brush. The environmentally friendly cutlery set which comes in a travel bag is produced by a single piece of bamboo. The eco-friendly and organic product is lightweight which means it can easily be carried anywhere without adding weight to travel bags.

Each year 40 billion single-use plastic utensils are produced, but with them being made of plastic material they cannot be recycled. For each plastic fork, it will take 450 years to break down, and My Little Panda believe more needs to be done to stop plastic pollution. Purchasing the Bamboo Travel Cutlery set will make a real difference in helping to reduce plastic pollution.

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My Little Panda products are chemical free, responsibly produced and ethically sourced. All the materials used are fast growing and can be harvested without any damaging environmental effects, such as emissions or toxicity.

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