Scentpression Partners with Ted Green Fragrances and Launches ScentsSations in the Cayman Islands


A leading business atmospheric agency which last year struck a deal with ScenTech to acquire a large portion of its company has now announced they have partnered with Ted Green Fragrances to launch Scentssations in the Cayman Islands.


A global leader and one of the most exciting and talked about atmospheric agencies in the world have today announced a deal that will further expand their company. Scentpression, which is based in West Palm Beach Fl, but has offices in the Bahamas has set their sights on the Cayman Islands as part of their expansion. This has been made possible thanks to a deal for an undisclosed amount with Ted Green Fragrances.


ScentsSations who have been credited in helping increase their client’s sales using scent have credited their success to their dedicated team. The company has invested a great deal in improving its customer service and operations to make them one of the most recommended in their field. Their hard work has paid off as now they have become a market leader, and this further expansion has firmly put them on the market as the most recognized atmospheric agencies in the world.


When asked about their partnership with Ted Green Brands, Damalus Curry, Scentpression CEO said:

“We at Scentpression are excited to be partnering with Ted Green Fragrances. We have watched Ted Green Brands dominate in the Cayman Islands for many years, and we are delighted to see this partnership expand our products and services to Caymans Islands and beyond.”


Damalus Curry went further and explained the goal of ScentsSations is to provide and enhance their partners, clients and distributors experience with the best equipment and services available.


“We want to provide the best customer experiences within the scent branding and marketing industry,” said Damalus Curry, Scentpression CEO.


Scentpression who has operations throughout Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States and become a major player in scent marketing solutions. This new partnership will give the company an even bigger market share.


“Partnering with a market leader like Scentpression will give ScentsSations an essential strategic alliance to deliver our clients the best Scent Marketing & Branding Solutions. We are excited and looking forward to great things to come,” said Ted Green, CEO, and Founder of Ted Green Fragrance/ScentsSations.


The new partnership has been described as one of the most important in the industry with Ted Green commenting: “With Scentpression and Scentssation, we have found a partner that shares our dedication and vision to provide our clients the ideal fragrant environments to meet their goals.”


Cayman native Ted Green, designs authentic fragrances inspired by the exotic Islands. Established in 2007, Ted Green fragrances are designed using French quality standards in Grasse France, popularly referred to as the perfume capital of the world. In 2010, Ted Green launched the first fragrance from his line, a lasting Eau de Parfum grade which boasts the highest quality in perfume standards.


About Scentpression


Scentpression® is a leading provider of scent marketing solutions for businesses around the world. Scentpression’s scent machines transform the perception of your commercial identity and environment, enabling businesses to create a unique experience by engaging memory and emotions through the sense of smell. Proven to enhance the appeal of any environment, these scent machines can be customized to reflect even the most challenging environments or brands. For more information on Scentpression, this announcement or its Scent Marketing Solutions, please visit:


About ScentsSations


ScentsSations is the Scent Marketing and Ambient Scenting division of Cayman Islands-based Ted Green fragrances. With over 10 years of experience in luxury fragrance design and creation, we help our clients fashion the ideal fragrant environments to meet their goals. With one of our bespoke programs we can help drive business sales, heighten customer perception, increase staff morale, or simply enhance general wellbeing in your home, office, or business.