Self-help Book “A Woman’s Worth, Worth The Wait, God Spirit Reigns” Motivates Readers to Succeed with Restoration, Healing, and Deliverance


These new books by Naomi Hafford-Smith aim to transform the lives of men and women

TopLink Publishing and Amazon are pleased to announce 3 new inspirational books by Naomi Hafford-Smith is now available to purchase. In all books, “A Woman’s Worth, Worth The Wait, and God Spirit Reigns,” Naomi uses personal testimony and practical teaching with the application of scriptural references to help her readers understand they can achieve their goals and succeed to a positive future by overcoming the emotional wounds of unhealthy obstacles faced in life.

Daily, millions of individuals wake up feeling they don’t have a purpose and can’t compete with the success of other families and friends.  Negative emotions connected to previous circumstances are the biggest obstacles people face between the age of 20s to mid-40s.  Previously failed relations in life-related career choice, personal preference, and adventurous ambitions have negatively influenced the current visual perspective and intellectual ability to cope and progress beyond a traumatic view.

Women are not born with unhealed emotions, negative emotions come from bad experiences in life such as verbal abuse, mental anxiety, and psychological imbalance of healthy thoughts and harmful physical activity.  Men are not exempt from being a victim to these circumstances.  Understanding how to overcome those situations with the proper emotional support is a vital life tool that is used in all 3 books because Naomi Hafford-Smith has personally experienced and overcame abuse, rejection, and satanic attack victoriously.

When asked to explain more about the new releases the author responded,  In “A Woman’s Worth,” I emphasize on reflection of purpose.  This book is geared primarily but not limited to a female audience.  I want to help women from various positions especially single mothers who have experienced divorce, death, or abuse erase the traumatic memory of the negative impact and dramatic effect and cope with enjoying life despite their loss.

In “Worth The Wait,” I elaborate on endurance for the promise.  This book audience is open to those individuals who are praying and operating in the spirit of expectancy. Any promise of God is worth waiting for once you develop the faith to believe. Don’t allow time to cancel out the opportunity to receive the blessing in due season.  This book will birth a renewal of hope with assurance for the arrival of your desired harvest. Manifestation is destined to occur after the wait is over.

In “God Spirit Reigns,” my primary assignment is to give readers a list of strategic prayers to obtain victory.  

This book target both male and female audiences.  You will become a recipient of God’s Victory once you align your heart to the will of God and pray according to the scriptural strategies to defeat the opposition at hand.  This book is generally for anyone who desires spiritual growth and revelated truth.

Whether you are directly involved or related to someone who has been in search of finding the core value of life, Or in pursuit of obtaining significant access to what makes you whole, maybe just want to expand your mindset on spiritual views for deliverance, look no further.  These books will enhance you emotionally, revive you spiritually and strengthen you mentally. Any of these books will awaken you to see God’s hand in your life working out His provisional will. Your healing is a fingertip away.

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Naomi Hafford Smith has also written another two books which are available on Amazon. 

A Woman’s Worth from broken promise to Fulfilled Prophecy, is available to purchase by visiting:

And God Spirit Reigns is available to purchase here:

About Naomi Hafford Smith

Naomi Hafford Smith was born ninth of twelve children to Supt. Morris and Missionary Mary Hafford in Kirbyville, Texas in 1975. Currently, she resides in Jasper, Texas as a loving, beautiful mother to four beautiful, talented children and one amazing granddaughter. Besides being the owner and operator of her own salon since 1997, Naomi is a writer, poet, mentor, teacher, and volunteer at local churches, schools, nursing homes, and prisons.  She is also a Licensed Evangelist Missionary and Prophetess who is faithful in praise and worship while following God’s lead and ministering the word of God.

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