SHANNA KRESS Interview – I Am an Entertainer not a Hip-hop Artist


Shanna Kress interview

An interview with SHANNA KRESS who talks about her new single and her music career. This interview is free to re-publish.

International Recording artist SHANNA KRESS has become hot property in the music world. With news that she has released the visuals to her recent single “Hittin” Shanna has become the talking point of social media.

The French recording artist who released her first hip hop single back in February called V.I.C talks about her career and music.

1. Shanna Kress, you released your first single “V.I.C.” in the American market, why did you choose V.I.C. as your first single?

I felt I needed to introduce myself properly by letting people know I am not a threat I only want what belongs to me.

2. Your first single was a huge hit and your video received more than a million views on YouTube, how did you feel about the success you were achieving?

I’m happy the American people are accepting me and recognizing all the hard work that me and my team are putting in.

3. When you were at school in France was you focused on becoming a singer or did you have another career path planned?

Music has and always will be my passion from a little girl all I ever wanted was to sing and as I grew older, I wanted nothing more than to pursue a musical career.

4. You have just released the visuals to your recent single “Hittin”, what can you tell me about the new music?

I am very excited about the release of Hittin even more excited about the visuals because I connected with an amazing Director by the name of Roger of Alphamale visuals out of Atlanta. Roger not only understood my vision but took the time to cater to every detail down to the bloody last drop lol. It’s important for me to allow people to experience Shanna Kress in a whole creatively not just what they read or hear about me in the media or on television.

5. You had a successful TV career in France, what made you decide to leave France and head to the United States?

My new single is definitely Hip-hop, but I am not a Hip-hop artist I am an entertainer, an artist all around the board

7. Jessie J entered a major Chinese singing competition to boost her career and won, is this something you would ever consider?

Honestly, I never thought about this question. Maybe I guess lol

8. If you could join forces with any hip hop artist in the world who would it be and why?

Tory Lanez. I say Tory Lanez because I appreciate his sound. I have been around him a few times and I love his work ethic.

9. If you were not a successful artist, what job would you be doing now?

I don’t know. I can’t image myself any less than what I set forth in my life. Whatever I want I work hard to get no matter how long it takes.

About Shanna Kress
Originally from the South of France, Shanna Kress developed her love for hip hop culture in her homeland. After garnering the attention of French television producers, Kress became the star of “Les Marseillais” running for 6 seasons and has graced the cover of many magazines and international publications, including People of France. In 2017, Shanna took a leap of faith and relocated to “The Magic City” to pursue her dreams as an artist and creative. Exposing her talents internationally has grown Shanna Kress’ social media audience to over 5 million supporters collectively putting her on the forefront as a force to be reckoned with in an oversaturated market of indie-artists.

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