Sheavon Beauty Natural Artisan Bath & Body Shop Celebrates 2nd Year in Rahway, NJ


The demand for natural, safe, and effective beauty products is higher than ever. In Rahway, Shavon Bullock and her new shop Sheavon Beauty are answering the call.

Sheavon Beauty Natural Artisan The idea that a person can look and feel wonderful without potentially harming their health with potentially dangerous products has a huge amount of appeal to a growing number of people. As a stay at home mom for a preemie baby with severe skin issues, Shavon Bullock developed natural alternatives to help her child find relieve. After building her own line of products, Bullock recently announced that she is proud to say that they have entered their 2nd year of business in Rahway, New Jersey brick and mortar natural artisan bath and body store Sheavon Beauty. The store is a fresh new concept compared to your normal skin care shop. It features a Raw Skin Bar with a large variety of freshly made natural beauty care that you can watch get packed right in front of you from her first-class line of very popular natural beauty products. Bullock is a certified herbalist.


“I started off as a home based business that developed in 2015 and thanks to our great social media following we grew very quickly,” commented Bullock.  “It was clear there was a huge demand for natural products without harsh ingredients to help them heal their skin, and look great. My whole basement was filled with products and non stop orders after awhile so in 2018 we decided to open up a retail location. We now create the freshest skin care in NJ. People can see their products get packaged right in front of them!”


Some highlights of the Sheavon Beauty catalog include sugar scrubs, body butters, herbal body oils, handcrafted soaps, plant based vegan lotions, hair products and bath bombs.  In addition to walk in sales, online orders are also available across the USA.


Bullock continued, “I love creating natural products that keep you moisturized in fun ways with products that make you feel good. We sell amazing freshly made products and teach you about it as well.”


The store is located at 35 East Milton Street, Rahway, New Jersey, 07065.


Early feedback has been totally positive.


Christine S., from Rahway, recently said in a five-star review, “I picked up a few different body butters and bath bombs from Sheavon Beauty and they are totally incredible. No more mail order for me, now I can stop in and pick up my natural beauty products without any wait! I am so happy!”


For more information be sure to visit or check out her Instagram page @sheavonbeauty .