Shenzhen Eelink Launches Cellular Asset Tracking Device For Supply Chain Tracking


GPT19-H 3G magnetic GPS Tracker for vehicles and assets with Tamper alerts, 3 years battery, IP67 waterproof


Shenzhen, China-  Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology, a leader in the GPS tracker field has today announced the introduction of their Cellular Asses Tracking solution. The new Cellular Asses Tracking device uses advanced cellular technology to utilize low power and enhance the life of the battery as well as new benefits to provide a complete supply chain tracking solution.


The new GPT19-H 3G magnetic GPS Tracker enables Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology customers to safely and accurately track the movement and condition of their assets throughout the world no matter if that is on the land, sea, or in the air. The Cellular Asset Tracking Device is the perfect solution to track food products, and non-food products including trailers, construction equipment, shipping pallets, bins, and toolboxes.


“We are very excited about our new GPT19-H 3G magnetic GPS Tracker,” says a spokesman for Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology. “Our new Cellular Asset Tracking Device allows our customers to receive live accurate information about their asset no matter where it is. They can check the location, light, temperature, humidity, shock, of the asset.”


Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology uses state of the art technology to bring their customers everything they could want to monitor their assets while in transit. With a stunning three-year battery life, which is also waterproof, and provides a tamper alert, industry experts are calling the GPT19-H 3G magnetic GPS Tracker the best on the market.


The new tracking device which provides peace of mind while in transit allows the customer to have up-to-date information on their asset to check on its security and to make sure it is being transported in the right temperature.


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