Shoes for the Homeless -The number of homeless people in New Brunswick is rising


The number of homeless people in New Brunswick is rising and there isn’t much support for them out there. They receive some help from Elijah’s Promise and the state, but they need more than food and shelter. Living in our day to day lives we are very picky about what goes on our feet because we can usually afford to buy a new pair every time were tired of the old ones. People who are in between housing, or have no housing at all, do not have this same luxury. They scrape by with whatever they have trying not to think of what will happen when the items they have will no longer be usable.

            As a shoe company we work to help these people in any way we can. So, every month we go out and give away shoes to those who need them. We see people with shoes that have holes in them or sandals that provide no protection from the elements. Your purchase gives a pair of supportive canvas shoes to these people and we let them know who did this for them.

            On this particular trip we were able to help a few local homeless and chat with them . We went around asking everybody we could, but unfortunately some people don’t believe they need any help. We did manage to give away a couple pairs of socks and buy a homeless man a hot coffee.

While we are out there giving away these shoes, we get to talk to the recipients of our donations. It is a hands-on experience where we learn a lot about people living on the street and learning to survive. Many of them are very kind and personable people just like you and they just want to have a nice conversation.

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