Singer AoXuan Lee released a New single on 2018Christmas Day


singer AoXuan Lee Chinese singer based in Japan AoXuan Lee brought his winter single of “三二一”(Three Two One), which tells a story of a couple of young man and girls who crossed the language barrier and the feeling of not yet lovers.

AoXuan Lee

The single composed by AoXuan Lee,written by FUJIKKO and kasumi aizawa. arranger by Maosheng Wang.

The singer AoXuan Lee is the first foreign member of the Japan Electronic Keyboard Association, who has won numerous awards in performance and creation.

Became a member of the National Electronic Keyboard Association of Japan as the first foreigner in 2013.
Attended the ELECTONE Ginza Conference in Japan and was reported by the Japanese professional journals –ELECTONE in 2015.
Participated in the “Amabile Organ Contest” in Japan and won the award. He became the first foreigner to perform Chinese works since its founding in 2016.

Performed original works with the Japanese violinist Miss Matsuka Runa at the “Tokyo Youth Olympic Center” in August.

Participated in the 13th Japan Electronic Keyboard National Conference of Youth
Electronic organ Player Concert in 2017, who is the only foreign performer in the concert.
Began training in Japanese “avex” to prepare for developing himself in an all-around way singer in October.
After graduating, he officially signed a contract with Song & Smile LLC. and Innovation Creative Co., Ltd in April 2018

Performed ELECTONE as an invited guest in the “Japan-China Cultural Events” in May.
The “CHINA FEEL” concert was held in Tokyo in July. “AoXuan Lee Piano Albume” is completed in October and will be launched worldwide soon.
The single –“三二一”(Three Two One)came online in December.