SkyFloat Described As The Best iPad and Tablet Accessory Of 2019


Imagine being able to float a tablet or iPad in the air and using it as a hands-free device. Well, imagine no more as that device has now been designed and is available to purchase. It is called SkyFloat and floats your device in mid-air by its unique telescopic arm, suspended from the ceiling.


There is a new iPad and Tablet Accessory in town which has already been described as the best new accessory of 2019. That accessory is called SkyFloat which changes the way people use and watch their iPad or Tablet. The SkyFloat is a hands-free adjustable mount for your mobile device that can be moved to any place in the home.


SkyFloat is a clever gadget that allows people to watch and use their tablet without holding it. No longer do people have to worry about getting their device dirty or wet while looking for recipes in the kitchen. Thanks to the new floating gadget which connects to the ceiling using a ceiling plate and a telescopic arm, iPads, and Tablets now become floating devices.


This clever device can be used anywhere. It can be used at the office, within the home including the bathroom, or kitchen and it can also be used within schools when using tablets and iPads as a teaching device. One of the true benefits of the new gadget is being able to relax while watching a film.


One of the biggest complaints people have when wanting to watch a film with a loved one is that one person must hold the device, and another complaint is from those people who enjoy watching a film who struggle to hold the device for long periods of time. Now, thanks to SkyFloat, no one needs to have their arms aching while holding their tablet or iPad. The clever floating device securely keeps the tablet in the air, turning any tablet into a handsfree device.


This strong but lightweight device which allows people to have their tablet at any angle is very easy to use and can quickly be put together when needed. But, one thing that really makes this product stand out is not just the quality of the device and how it provides people with so many different options, the thing that stands out is the incredibly low price of only $99.


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About SkyFloat

The magnetic attraction is reassuringly strong, and the arm can extend most of the way to the ground