SME MaXX launches Scheme Finder Tool to bridge the Opportunity Awareness Gap among Indian SMEs


Free Online tool provides real time, tailored info on government and private schemes, special procurement, subsidies and free offers

Mumbai, 9th August 2019
SME MaXX, India’s leading SME group buying, fintech and insuretech platform, today announced the launch of an Online tool to help SMEs discover and access the special schemes and offers meant for small and medium sized businesses.

Governments, International Organizations and Large companies spend billions of dollars each year to provide schemes for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses. However, SMEs in India have a poor level of awareness of the national and international opportunities that are open for them.

This “Opportunity Awareness Gap” was highlighted earlier this year by the then Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Suresh Prabhu while speaking about the India – Russia Investment pact.

The Scheme Finder tool makes the “Opportunity Awareness Gap” a thing of the past. Once an SME registers with Scheme Finder, it automatically informs the SME in real time about various government and private offers that match the company’s profile and business goals. SMEs can also seek help to apply to the schemes.

“There is clearly a big gap to be overcome in helping busy business owners discover schemes designed to help them grow” said, Dr. Anand U Bidarkar, CEO of SME MaXX. “With the Scheme Finder, we will deliver every government and private opportunity to their inbox” he added.

SMEs can use the Scheme Finder tool to get information on opportunities to decrease their debt costs, save on expenses, win new business and increase productivity. They can register for Scheme Finder at:

### About SME MaXX: Founded in 2016, SME MaXX is one of India’s largest SAAS and group buying platform for SMEs. We offer a single point access to Fintech, Insuretech & HRtech solutions at a corporate and retail level. With a goal to be the One Stop Shop for SME success, we are focused on creating a global network of buying alliances, leveraging the best of technology and building innovative solutions, to help SMEs increase their productivity and scale.

SME MaXX caters to users across 100+ cities across India, helping alleviate some of the most common challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses in India, while saving costs and time. SME MaXX is a unit of F.A.C.E Pvt Ltd with offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad For media queries, please contact: