Smoke-less Fire Pit Builder Launches New Website


The Pennsylvania startup has created a new online experience

 Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company

Lancaster, PABreeo, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company that builds smokeless wood burning fire pits has launched a new website this week. The website can be viewed here, at


The focus of this new website is to educate and entertain the campfire community about the benefits of the smokeless technology, along with a range of other topics. Breeo has consolidated both of its previous websites ( [content] and [products]) into one, comprehensive site. This site will include two main focus areas: information on all available products as well as the photo, video, and article content that Breeo produces.


The new website is designed to be mobile friendly and automatically adjusts the scale to fit any device size. Whether viewing the site on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, the site is easy to navigate and engage with. Users on the go will find certain features helpful, such as a geo-location tool to match you with your closest dealer.


While the Double Flame fire pit is very popular on Amazon, Breeo focuses most of its online retail efforts on the shopping cart website. Because not all customers can drive to visit one of Breeo’s authorized dealers, the products are available on the website and come with free shipping. Breeo’s new website features all the different types of smokeless fire pits that Breeo manufactures.


One of the major focus areas of the new website is the content. Breeo produces a tremendous amount of campfire-related content in-house and this content will be hosted on the new website. The updated blog platform will feature recipes, how-to’s, product launches and collaboration articles with other brands and ambassadors. The company’s Instagram feed will be linked to the site and previewed, to allow site visitors to get a feel for the photography content that Breeo is producing.


In keeping with the global trend towards video, Breeo’s new website will feature video on almost every page. Individual product videos will be hosted directly on the product page, and the home page will feature the three most recent videos that have been posted. The video page on the website will be separate from the main blog feed, so customers only interested in video can navigate directly to it. Overall, the new site will emphasize content, video specifically, in a big way.


Company Name: Breeo, LLC

Contact Person: Jonathan Clair Miller


Phone: 1 (800) 413 9848

State: PA

Country: United States