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“It’s about time more moving companies step up, it’s almost 2019 and there is absolutely, no room for poor relocation service providers. The technology is there, and we have more knowledge than ever to provide high levels of relocation services – there are no excuses for companies to damage, misplace, and neglect their clients personal effect,” Says Rachel Zolin CEO of Haven Moving.

There are two main problems with our industry, says Zolin, transparency and quality of work. Transparency is a huge factor, that can easily turn into a disaster. It starts when movers fail to communicate essential information, such as what affects the cost of the move, how the movers are going or not going to handle your items, what is expected of you as the client to do, and also simple information such as when you should expect delivery, which could be misleading.

Quality of work is also huge, otherwise, why even bother moving your items? Preparing items for long distance moves requires knowledge and skills. You need to make sure your movers explain step by step, how they are going to protect your items and what is included in the price. All movers must offer free packing and moving guides, and share their work for you to view. We live in digital times where everything can be accessed with one click, we should be able to get a quick view of the services we wish to hire.

Haven Moving provides Smart Long Distance Relocation, Packing & Storage Services in southern CA, with great emphasis on quality and customer service. Their about page sums it all up.

Our concept is pretty simple, and oddly enough, it seems to be one of a kind, as we are the only company that seems to offer such services. We promote low, flat-rate moving packages, where you only pay for the space needed in the truck, no fuel charge, taxes, or hidden fees; that alone makes it very easy for our representative to communicate and for our clients to understand.

Southern California Moving Company

We offer to protect our client’s furniture for free, with special padding supplies, shrink wrap, and tape. This is a crucial step as you can’t expect non-movers to engage with this type of work. It saves our clients time and money, but most importantly it plays a vital role in their entire moving experience; as no one likes to receive damaged items after paying for a relocation service.

As part of our free services, our movers also disassemble and reassemble beds, and protect mattresses and box springs with special covers. We also offer to pack TV’s, Mirrors, and other special items for free; the safety of your belongings gets a front seat at the best show in town.

We also find that many of our clients may need more time before they are ready to accept delivery. That is a rather common scenario among people who relocate. For instance, this often happens when clients are waiting for a house to be built or apartment keys to become available. Some people would even like to take the time to go on vacation, before they are ready to move in. Regardless of your reason, we have a way to help. All of our packages come with 30 days of free storage, which also includes the same free delivery services of unloading the truck and much more, at no additional cost. This is pretty significant, as it saves our clients the hassle of renting storage units, and paying for movers to move them again. Longer durations are also available for low monthly storage rates; we have families that have stayed with us for a few months to a year and even more.


We put all of our energy into providing All-Inclusive Low Rate Relocation Packages and so far have been very successful. As for today, we are the only company to utilize such practice; and are hoping to see this number change by next year. We also offer work opportunities for drivers, estimators, storage mangers, and more. We invite similar, conscious, community aware, and kind hearted individuals to join our family.

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