Sparkster CEO – Sparkster is here for the long haul

Sparkster aims at making technology available for all. They have developed one of the finest platforms which allow people to create applications without the need to write tons of code. Sparkster are also building the world’s fastest decentralized clouds that will run at 10 million TPS.

London, England – November 22nd, 2018 – Sparkster is the platform to watch out for in 2019. In their latest blog post, Sparkster reveal exciting updates about a possible partnership with Cambridge University and ways in which they can leverage their partnership with ARM further.  

Sparkster CEO, Sajjad Daya statesI went to Cambridge University and met with the professors, we discussed research topics, how we can work together and what areas those areas might be. This is required for the phase Sparkster is in today, which is contracting with the University.

We have come up with topics and areas where we can collaborate, this is moving forward very well.”

Sajjad Daya goes on to discuss exciting updates with Sparkster’s partner ARM. He explains how this information will be revealed to the community at a later date once all plans are confirmed. The platform has been designed to help people build new interfaces and with the use of simple drag and drop feature, one can add videos, images, clip arts, background and a whole lot more. Simple logical statements can be written in plain English to help carry out the umpteen functions.

By far, the most talked about feature offered by Sparkster has to be the ease of scalability. All the applications come with this default feature. They can handle the growth and one does not need to bother about how to scale up or down the IT infrastructure needed for the application.

Since their ICO, Sparkster have worked tirelessly on making their software an industry defining powerhouse. Sparkster mainnet launches at the end of the month, currently the mainnet is in testing phase and all updates will be revealed in Sparkster’s telegram channel.

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