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The Secret of StarsauthenticSAsigned Success


Brand introduction

Starsauthentic is an American professional autographed identification brand covering a wide range, including the match worn, autographs and some memorabilia. Starsauthentic’s business includes signed in person autographs  and identify autographs  to issue coa .

Starsauthentic makes the signature certificate of authenticity more popular, and
Make signed in person collector  easy to get a certificate of authenticity

SA can determine whether the handwriting is correct through multiple photos, reducing the time and cost of the certification process.

Brand history

STARSAUTHENTIC is an organization that originated in the United States. It was originally an  Autographed sales shop. After entering the 21st century, it began to focus on the signed in person items. After 2010, it began to upgrade to a service brand.

(2010-2015): Starsauthentic is work like UBER , hires local collectors to work part-time and obtain various autographs . The reduction in costs has also led to a
Successful brand  of ​​autographys.

 (2015-present) STARSAUTHENTIC gradually upgraded to a service brand in order to avoid the problems caused by copyright issues, they focus on serving signed in person

Branded  service

STARSAUTHENTIC brings together SIGNED IN PERSON signature items from all over the world.

STARSAUTHENTIC has established a platform for exchanges with top collectors from all over the world, such as:


STARSAUTHENTICENGLAND and several other large local autographed collection organizations.

STARSAUTHENTIC issue certificate of authenticity for other signed in person collector and the signature agencies, they can obtain the electronic version of the certificate of authenticity documents to print by themselves. The certificate is required to be accredited by the professional procedure of the SA professional handwriting appraiser KEVIN JOHNSON team.

Services: framing service, identification service, Information communication, exchange service.


Profit: Autographed authentication business and sell signed items

To become a STARSAUTHENTIC national agent, you must pay a fixed membership fee and coa issue fee

It means that the more signatures sold from SA agent, the more profits SA gets.

In order to absorb more STARSAUTHENTIC Senior agent, STARSAUTHENTIC Supporting the development of local Autograph  brands.

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