Strategy State Business Evaluation Tool Helps Businesses Identify Avenues for Growth


New tool’s features designed to spark growth in businesses of all sizes


JULY 31, 2019 – Time and time again, research has shown that proper evaluations are extremely helpful in promoting growth within a company. For business owners who are looking for ways to expand, the first step often rests in finding the right avenue for evaluating their company.


The Strategy State Business Evaluation Tool helps companies discover pain points before they become problematic while also helping to outline growth areas of any business. For instance, every business owner should have a business plan, marketing strategy, bookkeeping system, sales strategy, customer service policies, and a way to measure and analyze data. For those who are unsure what these items are or how to implement them, the Strategy State Business Evaluation Tool can help.


When business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t familiar with items such as these, they simply aren’t able to put their best foot forward. With just a little help from the Business Evaluation Tool, business owners can learn how to put these strategies into place successfully and ignite growth.


Strategy State has created their Business Evaluation Tool especially with small businesses in mind. Many small businesses lack the budget and time to allocate resources for truly achieving their goals, but when entrepreneurs understand the facets of their business that need to be prioritized, they are more prepared to allocate their resources more efficiently.


While there are a number of options for obtaining business evaluations, Strategy State’s features more than just an analytical report. While clients do indeed receive a comprehensive business evaluation report offering scores for over 40 key areas of their business, they also receive 200+ best practices for improving specific areas of their business and a 100-day blueprint for making improvements for their company.

”By completing a full business evaluation, you give yourself the best chance of business success,” said the team at Strategy State.


The SBA states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10 years.


Within the Business Evaluation Tool, clients will find more than 185 questions, 9 sections, and 43 subsections that have been carefully designed to get to the root of companies to uncover where risks lay and improvements can be made.


To get started, clients simply visit the Strategy State website and choose the package that they’d like. Then, they complete the questionnaire, which includes areas such as business strategy, human resources, operations, accounting and finance, customer service, sales, marketing, and more. Next, clients receive their customized report which includes more than 33 pages of powerful insights, Areas of Improvement document, and their 100 Day Action Plan.


When clients leverage their evaluation report, they will see the impacts by way of growth in their business. More information can be found at


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