Strom McCallum, a Southern Author Who Writes about Democratic Socialism and Other Topics, Posts Blog about Simulation


In the New Blog, McCallum Discusses His Frustration with the Many People Who Waste Their Time Debating if the World is Real or a Computer Simulation

 Strom McCallum, a Southern Author Who Writes about Democratic Socialism and Other Topics

Strom McCallum, an author from Charleston, South Carolina whose writings often focus on Democratic socialism and other thought-provoking topics, is pleased to announce that he recently posted a new blog to his site. The new article discusses the current trend of debating whether the world is real or some sort of computer simulation.

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As a spokesperson for McCallum noted, the article, titled “When We Ruminate Upon the Simulation Question, We Waste Our Time,” is already creating a lot of positive buzz from visitors to McCallum’s blog. The new article is also featured on McCallum’s profile on the Medium website.

As McCallum notes in the new article, he is infuriated by the fact that millions of seemingly bright and secular people can spend hours wondering if reality is “original and natural” or if it’s some sort of computer simulation or pre-existing simulated reality.

“There is absolutely no way of scientifically or rationally knowing whether we are or whether we are not living in a computer simulation,” McCallum noted in the new blog, adding that there never was, and never will be.

“This is an ‘is’ that will forever remain scientifically invisible to us. No ‘rational’ or ‘scientific’ inquiry into the matter can be anything more than mysticism.”

Just as he said people cannot look at patterns found in the universe and decide scientifically or rationally if they are proof of a natural “god” at work—McCallum said people cannot also decide if these same patterns are part of a universal computer programmer.

As the spokesperson noted, McCallum enjoys writing about a number of topics that cause people to think outside of the conventional box.. As the country moves closer to the next election, he plans on writing even more articles that focus on general Democratic news and related topics.


About Strom McCallum:

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