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Teslacoin (TES) is pleased to announce today its sponsorship of the 2018 Energy Science and Technology Conference.  This year’s conference will take place in Hayden, Idaho on July 5th-8th, 2018 and will be host to a great list of speakers.  Four days are filled with open discussions with living legends and pioneers of the modern day Tesla Science and free energy movement.

Teslacoin’s commitment to supporting innovators of technology is at the heart of their mission. Through sponsoring such events, a positive burst of enthusiasm is injected at the nucleus of creation.  Tesla’s legacy is achieved through the development of technologies that enable humanity to become energy independent.  Innovation is necessary in order to push forward our true abilities in harnessing the various energy sources.

…it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” – Nikola Tesla

Energy Science & Technology Conference (ESTC) who organises the conference is a movement of thought leaders working together for energy independence through a network of visionaries, inventors, scientists, academics, hobbyists, laymen, and authentic grassroots supporters.

To enable this transition to true energy independence, it requires an evolutionary transformation in the very paradigm of how mankind looks at energy and this requires a critical mass of people all across the world to hold this common vision.

ESTC provides the platform through which the current paradigm of energy physics is being shaken to its core by actual demonstrations of technologies that overturn the antiquated beliefs that have allowed us to be kept in bondage by the purveyors of consumable energy products.

Aaron Murakami, founder of ESTC, said “Crypto Currencies are disruptive in nature similar to some Tesla and related energy technologies, so it makes perfect sense for Teslacoin to become the first true sponsor of the Energy Science & Technology Conference.”  Aaron went on to say “It is an honour to work with the founders of the Teslacoin Foundation whose goals are in alignment with our own. Unifying our talents and resources is sure to bring the green energy movement to the next level and we look forward to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.”

On the news of this announcement, “rw13enlib88” from the Teslacoin development team, said “For Teslacoin it is an honour and remarkable privilege to be the main sponsors of the Energy Science and Technology Conference (ESTC), the most credible Free Energy conference in the world.”

“Aaron is doing an incredible job educating a lot of people around the world and organizing this incredible event. For Teslacoin, it is a pleasure to have reached a long-term agreement with Aaron and we do expect to collaborate on more projects as we move forward.”

On the matter of the TeslaStarter platform and the future, he went on to say, “With TeslaStarter focused on providing funds to inventors who are pushing forward a new reality, it is essential for Teslacoin to be where the best inventors will be gathering to share their knowledge.”

TeslaStarter is a new crowdfunding platform that will provide access to funding opportunities to innovators seeking to commercialise and/or develop their innovative, energy-focused technologies.  There will be three stages for funding guided by carefully, handpicked business angels and entrepreneurs who focus on areas including concept to full commercialization and business support. Teslacoin is the exclusive digital currency that will be the source of all funding via the platform.

Teslacoin is currently trading on Cryptopia (BTC/TES) or UpCoin (TES/BTC/LTC/ETH)

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