Supra Capital and YLB financial group signing ceremony successfully held Open multi-dimensional strategic cooperation


On July 14, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Singapore Supra Capital Foundation and the YLB financial group was held in Beijing. Supra Capital CEO NICHOLAS L and YLB financial group Asia Pacific Chief Executive Yang Yun signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. The cooperation between the two sides officially opened.

Yang Yun introduced the development of the YLB financial group and the development progress of the YLB intelligent arbitrage robot, focusing on the outstanding technical team of YLB from overseas. Mr.Yang said that YLB is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and a leader in the construction of artificial intelligence basic applications. Supra Capital is the world’s top blockchain investment and service organization. The resources of the two sides are differentiated. Achieve a win-win situation.

Nicholas said that Supra Capital has always focused on investment in high-tech fields, and its technical ability is excellent, which is one of the important prerequisites for cooperation. The two sides should carry out complementary advantages and cooperation, and should be superimposed on the advantages of the three levels: First, the linkage of the technology investment field and the superposition of advantages. Second, the superposition of brand effects. Supra Capital leverages its international brand advantage and YLB financial group leverages its technological advantages to forming capital links and engages extensively with international financial institutions. Starting from the YLB intelligent arbitrage robot, it gradually spread to the field of financial payment and game entertainment and reconstructed the world financial entertainment ecology.

Professional perspective, global linkage. The cooperation between Supra Capital and YLB financial group will open a new chapter in the YLB project, promote the development of the project in the Asia-Pacific region, link overseas resources, and jointly create a new model of artificial intelligence financing, and jointly promote the YLB project to set off a new wave in the world.