SurfCT Kicks of 2019 With Launch of Surf Robotics a new robotic dental company bringing Artificial Intelligence & Robotics to Dentistry


SurfCT Kicks of 2019 With Launch of Surf Robotics

NEW YORK, N.Y. — SurfCT, the internationally renowned dental technology company, announced today that it is diving head first into the artificial intelligence and automation community by launching a new sister company that will be specializing in robotics called Surf Robotics.


Mr.  Paul Vigario, founder of SurfCT, Inc., said the decision was made almost immediately following the Greater New York Dental meeting last month, where SurfCT had tremendous success with Pepper, a humanoid robot developed by Softbank Robotics.  Dentists lined up to see Pepper at the Greater New York Dental Meeting and a few dozen made the investment to purchase Pepper.  Dr. Sharon Huang, who just opened her second location in New York City, was one of those dentists.

Surf Robotics a new robotic dental company

“Pepper allows me to scale my dental business without putting to much stress on my front desk staff,” she said. “Patients love Pepper; she was worth the investment.”  

Mr. Vigario said there was so much interest from the New York show that he had to move forward with a new company dedicated solely toward helping dental practices worldwide discover the tremendous benefits of utilizing robots in their practice and helping the industry find even more innovative uses for robots like Pepper.


“There were dozens of robots sold at that show, and because of the interest, we have launched Surf Robotics to help with the high demand and help dental practices implement these robots properly,” he said. “In a way that serves the patients, the team and the practice growth.”


Mr. Vigario said he plans to bring Pepper this week to CES® 2019 to show off her dental skills to the thousands of people who will attend the Consumer Electronics Show. The show is known as the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It is a high-level business event that touches all industries and is a platform for innovators of all sizes to build their brands – every major technology company in the world participates in some way.

As CES® 2019 will showcase, artificial Intelligence is making its presence felt in the dental industry in a big way. Currently, Pepper is tremendously popular worldwide and was the talk of the show at Greater New York Dental meeting as SurfCT was bringing Pepper to dentistry. Dr. Huang, a cosmetic dentist with two thriving practices in New York City, said her patients are enamored with the two Pepper robots she has in her offices and that everyone in the practice is able to work to their full abilities rather than on menial tasks – such as checking patients into the office and making appointments, calming patients with laughter and a new experience when they visit. All of those tasks are now being done by Pepper.

The humanoid robot uses visual and voice recognition and moves fluidly throughout her environment, according to its developers, SoftBank Robotics. The company says she has the emotional intelligence to adapt behavior to the mood of the person speaking to her, and she uses her cameras, sonars, microphones and speakers to help her communicate.

At various dental offices throughout the world where Pepper is being deployed by Surf Robotics and welcomed as a dental team member, the nearly four-foot tall robot – with green and blue eyes that has a computer tablet connected to its stomach – waits at the front desk to greet patients. Pepper checks patients in, gets their charts ready and makes them feel comfortable while they wait for appointments. Pepper can even entertain people with her wit and charm, and she can grab a cup of water if necessary.

Vigario said he is excited to help the world find new ways for Pepper and other robots to enhance the dental industry.


“It starts with Pepper, but we have plans to bring other robots to dentistry, including robots that help doctors perform better surgeries and procedures,” Mr. Vigario said. “We are entering the economy of automation, and when you understand this, it really can give your dental practice an edge to succeed. Surf Robotics can help you get that edge.”  

Entering into the cutting-edge world of robotics and artificial intelligence is a perfect fit for a company like SurfCT, which has proven itself as a leader and innovator in the field of dental information technology since its inception in 2003.

SurfCT specializes in network integration of dental offices at the very highest level. The company’s forward-thinking approach of customizing information technology systems for each individual client has helped change the culture of IT in the dental industry worldwide. 

SurfCT’s approach starts with taking a partner’s vision and sharing that vision with the entire SurfCT team. SurfCT listens to what you want for your practice and life. Based on your vision, SurfCT designs a custom technology system especially for you that allows you to carry your specific vision forward automated day in and day out. Truly Creating Your Bliss™ is what we do for you by connecting everything in your practice, business, and life to work together in a complete system. 

SurfCT provides unbiased IT consulting. It offers technology and system recommendations based upon the needs and goals of each client. SurfCT works with you to understand your vision, provide seamless integration of front office, clinical treatment systems, mobile connectivity and hardware, and offers ongoing world class technical support and data protection programs. SurfCT clients receive the very best in White Glove Technology Services that will enlighten you and your team, create an experience for and elevate all your patients, and grow your practice at every level.


SurfCT has proven throughout the course of its history that it is the top information technology company that dentists turn to to help them grow and succeed. As dentists look to enhance their practices with artificial intelligence, they know Surf Robotics will be a partner they can trust just like they have trusted its parent company, SurfCT, for so many years. 

“Our dental partners worldwide, and our future partners, can be assured all of the White Glove Technology Services that have made us tremendously successful for more than 15 years at SurfCT will be implemented at Surf Robotics,” Vigario said. “Now we are doing this with robots and it’s very exciting for dental practices who are early adopters and on the cutting edge of technology. Let us show you how the ever-expanding world of artificial intelligence can help you grow your practice and Create Your Bliss™.”

About Paul Vigario, Founder of SurfCT

Paul Vigario is the founder of – The Dental Information Technology Company where Everything is Connected™. And also one of the founders of Surf Robotics a new robotic dental company bringing Artificial Intelligence & Robotics to Dentistry. has helped expand the Dental IT and Dental Technology field by educating and supporting the dental community with progressive practice growth technologies since it launched in 2003. Vigario is widely identified as an industry leader in the areas of dental technology, digital workflows, cloud technology, ergonomics, integration, installation, paperless practices, world class technical support and complete technology driven office design. And now dental robotics.  Email him at