T535 Dual wireless charger pad Is The Alternative To Apple AirPower


Choetech new wireless charger packs a powerful punch giving people with mobile devices a powerful yet lightweight charger. The T535 Dual wireless charger pad which has five coils allows the user to charge their device no matter where it is placed. It is available for certain Samsung and iPhones has been called one of the best on the market by professional gadget reviewers

T535 Dual wireless charger

With the news that Apple has scrapped plans for their charger that could charger three devices at the same time, people have been wondering what the alternative to Airpower is? The answer is the T535 Dual wireless charger pad which can charge two devices at same time (charge phone and airpods, support three charging methods,5W/7.5W/10W, up to 20W.)

There are hundreds of mobile charges on the market but nothing like the new charger which has been introduced by China based Choetech. The lightweight portable T535 Dual wireless charger pad which comes with five coils to boost charging efficiency and can charge two devices at the same time has caused excitement in the technology world.

China based Choetech

Since news broke out that Choetech was introducing their new charger gadget reviews and consumer alike were wondering how it would compare against rival chargers. The answer to that question was soon answered when gadget reviewers and publications commented how superior the new stylish wireless charger was over other devices on the market.

The new fast-charger which has been designed with anti-slip PU leather surface and comes with a USB-C cable is suitable for certain Samsung and iPhones to provide a much faster charger than its rivals. It can charge iPhone XS Xs Max XR iPhone X 8 8Plus, 10W for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S9 S8 serious Note 8 and 5W for all qi enabled devices. The T535 Dual wireless charger pad comes with powerful modern technology to change the way people charge their mobile devices.

There really isn’t any charger on the market that can match the power the T535 Dual wireless charger pad provides. Priced at $39.99, it is not just the quality and the power of the charger that has got people excited, it is also the price. Some people are asking how such a powerful charging device can be so affordable, and according to Choetech the answer is simple. Choetech believe in bringing out quality charging products that stand out and which are affordable to all and not to the few.

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