Tackling The Issue of Knife Crime Through the Community


[Event Release] A conference hosted in London, aims to discuss the rising issues and controls to tackle the rising threat of Knife Crime in the community.

Statistics from the NHS (UK) have shown that in the past five years (2012-2018), admissions of young children aged 16 and under threat from assault my knife or other sharp objects has risen by 93%. This staggering statistic suggests that the threat of knife crime is both real and is threatening the livelihoods of many young people in London.

SayConference hosted by City Gates Church is being held on the 6th July 2019 at City Gates Conference Centre in Illford, East London from 08:30am – 5:00pm. The conference brings together 600 community leaders, organizations, teachers, parents, Youth leaders and knife crime related organizations from across the country to meet, discuss through workshops the causes and solutions to this rising issue.

Noticeable representations and speakers include a number of local charity and youth projects such as Rob Harris from Life Linxs, Richard Akerele from East London Connect, Sheldon Thomas from Gangsline, Steve Addison from Boxup Crime and Gavin McKenna from Reach Every Generation with many more still to be announced.

Following the Conference SAY will produce a national directory of programmes and resources which can not only be applied but shared with Councils, Industry Boards, Governments and Social Enterprises as a template for prevention nationally. For further information about SayConference and to register for your ticket visit http://sayconference.com/.

Rob Harris, organiser of the conference said, “2019 has seen a large rise in youth violence across the country, particularly in London where knife crime has continued to rise with over 20 fatalities in the year to April. Our goal is to bring together the decision makers and those directly affected by this violence to discuss what is causing this rise and how we can collectively work together to stop it.”

To find out more information, please visit http://sayconference.com/

For more information please call 0203 633 6682