Tarik Manfaa: The Importance Behind Teaching (Manfaa Exclusive Interview)


In today’s feature, we profile Tarik Manfaa, a teacher who’s making a difference in the lives of his students and the lives of teachers around the world.


Manfaa was recently profiled by some of the top outlets and teaching publications and his tips have been shared thousands of times on social media.


Manfaa has been teaching for two decades and has picked up a lot of experience throughout the process.


Manfaa, who had been a long time restaurant owner switched to teaching when an old friend approached him and told him about the lack of language teachers in Philadelphia.


Manfaa, who always had a passion for helping people and learning new languages decided to make the most of the opportunity.


He immediately sought out his teaching certification, and was told to start teaching the next day.


“Just like that, the rest was history,” says Manfaa.


Manfaa says teaching is important because teachers influence the future.


“Students are like sponges and they need people who can teach them how to be good citizens,” says Manfaa.


Manfaa says it’s his job to make his students passionate about learning and developing themselves.


He prefers to use positive reinforcement because it makes his students more eager to learn.


“I want to encourage students for the great things they’re accomplishing and help them move in that direction with their education and their lives,” says Manfaa.


Another reason why Manfaa says teaching is important is because your sense of success is closely tied to the success of your students.


Because of this, you’re pushed to do a better job everyday and help people become the best versions of themselves.


“My favourite part of the job is watching my students excel and that’s a big reason why I love teaching.”


“I always treat my students how I would treat myself. I make sure I address them with respect,” says Manfaa.


Manfaa says the best teachers draw from real life experiences to teach their lessons.


“That’s another reason why teaching is so important. You can show students how to navigate life and solve complex problems,” says Manfaa.


This is one of the reasons why Manfaa enjoys teaching languages as they can be used in real life situations.


“Learning new languages can help you stand out in the job interview process and put you ahead of other candidates,” says Manfaa.


Manfaa says his passion in teaching comes from seeing his students grow and become successful.


Manfaa says sometimes students struggle, but if you remain determined to help them, you often make a positive difference in their lives.


“Teaching is a truly fulfilling experience.”


If you want to learn more about Tarik Manfaa, you can find out why he became a teacher in his recent interview here: