TaskQue Announces New Community Forum to Facilitate Users


TaskQue has just introduced a new community forum for its users where they can get solutions to all their problems.

Toronto, Ontario March 6thth, 2019

TaskQue, intelligent productivity management software that maximizes your productivity by optimizing resource utilization and balancing the workload efficiently, has announced a new community forum for its users. The new community forum will be a one-stop destination where users can find answers to their questions, tips and tricks and much more.

The core objective of the new community forum is to solve user’s problems and provide them with timely responses to their queries. All users have to do is to post a question, query or problem and receive prompt responses from TaskQue’s community members. With our growing and active community, you will not have to wait long to get your problems resolved.

The new community forum will not only resolve user problems but also provides them the opportunity to communicate with other community members and learn how to use TaskQue to take their productivity to the next level. Get the best advice and learn about tried and tested tips and tricks that can enhance your user experience with TaskQue significantly. Get the best out of our productivity enhancement software and see your productivity graph go up.

Another purpose for the introduction of TaskQue’s new community forum is to give a platform to users to share their experiences, feedback and opinions and help other community members by solving their problems. This will create a stronger bond between TaskQue users and they will become a family. Forum topics will be neatly arranged into categories and also give the option to user to see the latest and most popular forum threads so they get the idea of common problem other TaskQue users are also facing.

TaskQue already boast an impressive lineup of productivity features. It uses an intelligent algorithm that streamlines and automates task assignment process to give you better results. Our goal has always been to help individuals and organizations in their quest to achieve higher levels of productivity and the launch of our community forum is another step in that direction. We will continue to introduce new features that can enhance your team productivity as we have done in the past.

Check out our new community forum here

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