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Tomislav Tesla creating new technology

After many years of developmental work, True Tesla Technologies today launches its global crowdfunding campaign.  With the state of energy generation in the world today, there is a significant need to make a shift away from fossil fuels.  Besides this, we see many millions if not billions of people living without sufficient power.  Thousands of communities around the world struggle to obtain a decent energy supply, or one that is affordable. 

Tesla’s Small Hydro Power Plant is the perfect solution for any low-lying river or watercourse.  Having the ability to generate blue energy with a very slow flow of water (from 1 m3/s), True Tesla Technologies is set to revolutionise the global energy sector.  Equally focusing on both local and global communities is the cornerstone of our ethos as a sustainable energy collective, especially in an era such as today in which people are becoming more ecologically-aware and sustainably-minded. 

Empowering communities and rural landowners who are entirely reliant on alternative carbon-based fuels is one of our main objectives.  In recent times energy companies have recognised the need for small hydropower plants.  There is a shortage of producers in the world, and many rely on big infrastructure and large scale investment.  Tesla’s cascading hydropower plants merge with Mother Nature and harness the energy she provides through the waterways.  Construction is undertaken to rely on natural elements already found in the rivers, such as stone and rock.  Turbines are manufactured using stainless steel by members of communities that will have access to our open-source system.  Control systems will require access to Tesla Blockchain (in development) to enable fine tuning and constant monitoring. 

Empowering Communities 

Communities will have the chance to purchase their own small hydropower plants for a relatively low cost, with capacities starting at 25KW.  Larger scale plants can be constructed for larger communities, industrial sites, mines and even towns and cities, depending on necessary permits.  Any excess energy can be fed back into the national grids and sold.  Income from energy sales can be used to reinvest into new plants or used to enhance community living. 

One of Nikola Tesla’s wishes was to connect people with energy. This is the legacy that True Tesla Technologies embodies as we continue to technologically create and innovative with his talented great-great-nephew Tomislav Tesla – an engineer and innovator based in Serbia who has created a whole host of ground breaking energy technologies that will greatly enhance the way we live both locally and globally.  Empowering humanity to disrupt peoples’ reliance on large corporations and governments is a theme which is recurring increasingly in today’s world.  Massively increasing energy independence is crucial for the survival and evolution of the human species as well as for our planet.  True Tesla Technologies has a solution that is low cost, whilst simultaneously enhancing and restoring the biosphere in which it sits. 

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Today we see the launch of our crowdfunding campaigns, which will provide True Tesla Technologies with the necessary funds to share our innovative technology with the world and the people who need it the most.  The campaign will be run simultaneously on two platforms:  the world’s first decentralised crowdfunding platform dedicated to free energy and Renewable Energy projects, TeslaStarter – which utilizes the new digital currency, Teslacoin – as well as on IndieGoGo.   TeslaStarter is the world’s first decentralised crowdfunding platform dedicated to free energy and Renewable Energy projects.

Teslacoin’s creation was inspired by the late great Nikola Tesla, who changed the world 130 years ago with his AC Motor.  Furthering the transformational family heritage, TeslaStarter will launch a revolutionary cascading hydropower plant project created by Tomislav Tesla himself.  Innovation is at the heart evolution, thus it is crucial that innovators have access to funding, enabling them to realise their visions and positively transform the world.

Tomislav Tesla commented: “TeslaStarter really has the potential to become the leading crowdfunding portal for innovative energy projects across the world”.  He went on to say: “I have no hesitation in supporting Teslacoin’s mission and work, as well as thanking them for supporting me and my team”.  Teslacoin aim’s to break the mould of funding energy projects across the world through its platform.  TeslaStarter is aimed at assisting smaller projects in the community, ensuring grassroots ideas and innovations are turned into reality.

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