The American Federation of Government Employees Sends Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn


Dear Senator Cornyn:

Peace Profound, on behalf of the Executive Board of AFGE Local 1048, and its membership, families and friends, we have chosen this medium to reach out to you in hopes that your team will finally respond to us.

It appears that our numerous attempts at trying to meet with you have failed in the traditional method of contacting your office. That method has failed to provide us with such a meeting as we have resorted to sending you an open letter.  We as taxpayers and citizens of this fair State of Texas believe that we have a right to have your attention in matters that affect the great citizens of this State.

We request this meeting as we have a number of matters that greatly affect the citizens and taxpayers that as an elected official for this State Senator Cornyn, you are obliged to meet with us as part of the duties of your office as an elected representative for this state. We have more than a right to request that some effort be made by your office to schedule a meeting with the citizens and taxpayers of this State. 

As taxpayers who have elected you and others to office, to serve as our representative to the nation’s Capital. You must not selectively disregard our request as citizens of this State. A state in which you serve at the request of the constituents of this state.  We have been lobbying your office since 9/11 for the Rights of Worker’s with the Transportation Security Administration-with over 3500 voting plus members of their family and friends, it would stand to reason that you would want to know more about the issues that plague this agency.

S.944 – Strengthening American Transportation Security Act of 2019, which would put hard working American Workers on the General Schedule pay scale and also provide them with much needed worker protections, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Need we add that it will also eliminate the high attrition which is an issue that plagues the agency. It saddens me that nobody from your team has reached out to me to find out how frontline Government employees and their families in Austin, Houston. and Dallas handled the last shut down or how the continuous threat to our livelihood in form of another shut down in the future may affect the already POOR AMERICANS.

While I am on the subject of poverty, the concept of poor full-time working people is something you need to ponder on. I wish poverty was the only issue affecting my Comrades, but a platitude of diverse issues as well which requires an open-heart discussion between you and my team. Even the airlines we protect know how to treat their high school employees and hence, reward them with a decent pension and pay.

What saddens the rest of us that work really hard with really nothing to show for it is the level of manipulation involved in keeping false appearance of a happy workplace and workforce. My questions is why has the house or senate not invited Local presidents and their teams to hear real time testimonies on the horrendous, despotic, and lopsided conditions of the service that are currently in some of these Government Agencies, especially the lead agency my local represents? Imagine, a six (6) month city cleaner makes more money than a sixteen (16) year government employee who is not even guaranteed a good retirement after serving his/her country. We are used and thrown away like ordinary rag.

The retirement package is probably the worse in the history of retirements. For a 65-year-old grandmother to complain to me about having to rely on food stamps to sustain herself after working for almost 16 years for the Government is really shameful. It bewilders me why this case has not been brought to the attention of the International Labor Organization (ILO) which the united states is a member country. All of you on the hill should cover your heads in shame, it is worse than a disgrace to the AMERICAN creed and position as a leader in the world. The issue of workers’ pay, working conditions and quite frankly welfare is not a Republican thing or a Democrat thing, It is an American thing. I am in constant communication with the two other major local presidents that represent Government workers in Dallas and Houston, you haven’t considered even sending us a representative to at least come hear us out.

We are grateful to Senator Cruz, who at least sent us Brain, his padawan, to come listen to our plight. Your office has completely ghosted suffering American workers. I do not want to turn this into an open rant, what we seek is your audience and hopefully, your support in the S.944 – Strengthening American Transportation Security Act of 2019. The people are not happy, People respond to money; better pay need I add fair working Conditions.  MR CORNYN, “SHOW US THE MONEY,” I GET AM BEFORE NO BE PROPERTY. Show the people and the world that America is not living in her past glory, pay these workers better and ensure that the future of their children is secured. Your co-sponsorship will ensure that these voting frontline workers and their families are treated better by a despotic oligarchy parading themselves as a government entity.

About AFGE

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