The artist known as Streetza Ria is born Dermon Maurice Edwards from Chicago Illinois


His mother and father are both natives of the city of Chicago coming out of 79th and Walbash, and 57th and Damen. The two of them left the big city when his mother was 20 years old Nov 24, 1985 her 1st son was born.


His Mother Terry Edwards born and raised native of the city of Chicago left with her son and started a new life in city of St. Louis Missouri 1985. He’s the oldest of 15 siblings from his mother; and 2 oldest from his dad’s side Calvin Dale Griffin out of 4 siblings. Growing up was rough for Streetza Ria, he’s been a father figure for his 15 siblings his whole life, and them surviving through the different trials and tribulations of living life in the ghetto inner cities of America.


The name Streetza Ria, comes from his Streets being a representation of reality. The music he’s recorded is very detailed and descriptive as if the listener can place themselves in the record they’re listening too. His production ranges from several producers from all over the United States and overseas. The variety of production he provides allows the complete puzzle to fill a beautiful picture.


His word usage and story lines are filled with substance varies stories that one can find strength and engorgement from through listening. Streetza Ria has 12 published albums available for purchase through the digital outlets that exist completing in over 140 singles. He’s started a indie label 1996 MDM Records. The artist has released 82 artists from the City of St. Louis from year 2017 to the current year 2018 through the different outlets digital music is sold globally. He’s created a fonta leaf cigar line, entitled RiA Wraps” which he’s used to brand himself as well as two clothing line “Money power respect clothing” and “Luxury Lifestyle Clothing” the artist has released multi videos that can be searched on youtube and other streaming services. He has music you can search on services such as pandora, spotify, I heart radio, and more. I introduce to the world Streetza Ria a family man, leader, musician, business man, and an all-around artist with music with substance with a story to tell. Breaking each barrier faced and climbing to top as one hell of a hustler. Artist and label owner out of the Midwest Dermon Streetza Ria Edwards.

Download the latest album by Streetza Ria Rules of War featuring 17 hit records currently streaming global across the world. The album is collecting a massive buzz around the United States and Overseas. The next question is when will we see Streetza Ria on a worldwide tour. This is an underground legend lasting over 20 years finding ways to maintain consistency with releasing music and now has finally reached the world. That’s right folks i bought my album today; go in get you copy now. Streetza Ria Rules of War available all major digital outlets global. It’s great to hear about the 90 different acts of music within the city of St. Louis your company has made accessible for the world to hear through MDM Records & Distribution. Keep us updated on your new releases, merchandise, and upcoming acts. Ladies and gentleman stay tuned we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Dermon Streetza Ria Edwards. I have Rules of war on repeat; it’s a classic.

Streetza Ria Streetza Ria Rules of War latest album available in all digital outlets now.

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