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Millions of Americans will find themselves struggling financially when they reach retirement age due to the lack of financial planning according to Derek Ifasi, an insurance and retirement income planning professional.


A large portion of Americans are not prepared for their retirement according to a leading retirement income planning expert. Derek Ifasi, from Ifasi Financial Group which specializes in retirement income strategies using insurance products for individuals in or nearing retirement has said more people need to start thinking about their financial future.


With 48 percent of Americans over the age of 55 having no retirement savings in place, millions of people face financial struggle once they reach retirement age. Many of those that are planning for their retirement underestimate what they need to live comfortably, and that is why it’s important to seek professional help from a retirement income planning expert.


Americans are less prepared for their retirement than those living in Canada, Australia, and the UK. With one in three Americans having less than $5,000 saved for their retirement, millions of retirees could be forced to continue working way past their retirement age.


For those people who think they should not be worried about their retirement and still have the mindset to live for today and not worry about tomorrow then there is a serious shock in store. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of people between the ages of 65 and 74 who continue to work will hit 32 percent by 2022. That is up from 20 percent from a report published in 2002.


Many of those who are in retirement age are being forced to carry on working due to not thinking about their financial future; Derek Ifasi has said he doesn’t want that to continue.


 “People work hard all their lives and should look forward to their retirement, even taking early retirement. However, sadly millions of people failed to plan properly for their retirement and are now struggling financially.”


The Ifasi Financial Group is working with people of all ages to make sure they don’t fall in the trap of being forced to work when they should be retired. Derek Ifasi Florida’s must go to financial expert is on a mission to offer people advice to help them make an informed choice to plan for their retirement future. With his professional guidance, more people will be financially secure when they reach retirement age with many being able to retire early.


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