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TK119-W 3G Fleet Car Auto Vehicle GPS tracker with ignition kill switch updates every 60 seconds. It can be used by a company with a large vehicle fleet or a small business with limited vehicles. SHENZHEN EELINK provide positive vehicle tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes.

A leading supplier of vehicle GPS trackers is pleased to announce the launch of their new Fleet Auto GPS tracker device that comes with an ignition kill switch. The Eelinktech TK119-W 3G Fleet Car Auto Vehicle GPS tracker which updates every 60 seconds has been described as one of the most up to date and affordable on the market.

The new GPS Fleet Tracking Device is state of the art and can be used by large businesses or small fleet owners. It’s an important security tool to cut down on vehicle theft that costs businesses tens of millions of dollars each year. When car thieves know a vehicle has a GPS tracking device installed, they will move onto another vehicle that is less likely to have them arrested.

The GPS Vehicle Tracker allows business owners to recover their stolen vehicles in the shortest possible time. Once a vehicle has been stolen it can be tracked down to its current location, which allows police officers to recover the vehicle and make arrests while at the same time cutting down the loss to the business. With the clever technical software used on the new GPS tracking device, if a vehicle is stolen the engine can be switched off by a click of a switch thanks to the ignition kill switch.

The compact and affordable Vehicle GPS tracking device is not just about cutting down on vehicle theft, it’s much more powerful than that. The TK119-W 3G Fleet Car Auto Vehicle GPS tracker helps a business to run more smoothly and increase its profit by reducing its overheads. The powerful time and motion tool allow fleet managers to know exactly where their vehicles are at any time and help to keep their drivers accountable.

The new GPS tracking device can be used by any type of business from a delivery business, taxi-service, emergency vehicles to even public transport. With a click of a switch, an operator can see where all the vehicles in their fleet are at any given time. It provides information which includes location, speed, mileage and so much more.

Although the new tracking device has been described as the best GPS tracking device for cars, it can also be used for caravans, heavy machinery, and other expensive vehicles. It is easy to install, and with a long battery life, and all the amazing features, it is no wonder why it has been called the best GPS tracking device of 2018.

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