The Biggest Love Story of The Year Now Available On Amazon – Unapologetically Me


A love story like no other has been released on Amazon and has already become a huge hit with readers. Unapologetically Me has been written by Danesha Little and is set to be one of the biggest romance novels of the year. Each page comes alive, making Danesha one of the most exciting new romance story tellers.

One of the most talked about new romance novels of the year has now been released on Amazon as a Kindle download and will soon be available on paperback. Unapologetically Me, which was written by Danesha Little follows two main characters on their magical love story.

Danesha Little who won the “Heartbreaker Watty Award” in 2018 tells the story of Jericho and Fatima Ward and how these two unlikely characters became one after finding each other in a very unlikely way. Unapologetically Me will make you laugh, and it will make you cry and will keep the reader on the edge of their seats, but best of all the story shows that if love is meant to be two hearts will find each other.

Fatima Ward, who was destined to become a doctor after being told from a young age that this is the path she would follow, secretly had a passion for writing with dreams to become a published author. In her spare time Fatima became a fanfiction storyteller, using a popular rapper as her inspiration, that rapper was Jericho and unbeknown to him, Fatima’s passion for writing would change his life forever.

Jericho, who was born Jaren Young was very different from Fatima. After an incident in college that ripped away his first love, basketball, he turned to his love of words and music. One day Jericho was introduced to Fatima’s fan fiction story-telling. That day was set to change his life forever and take him on a road of a spellbinding love story.

Danesha Little is a new breed of writer. She manages to draw the reader in and make them feel as if they are experiencing the highs and lows along with the couple.

This is truly a remarkable love story, a love story like no other, a love story that shows that love can be found even when you’re not looking for it.

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About Danesha Little

Danesha Little is a writer who loves to combine her love of romance, sports, and entertainment in her stories. Her Wattpad stories have millions of reads with one of her stories winning a “Heartbreaker Watty Award” in 2018. When not writing, you will always find her lost in a book, watching basketball, or spending time with her family.

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