The biggest revolution in the EV industry is almost here, and it’s amazing!


The EV industry has seen significant and rapid development over the last couple of years, but marketing and publicity for said industry haven’t. This is where “Fast Forward Future”, 3F for short, come in. A group of EV enthusiasts who want to help e-mobility spread and blossom through an innovative, fresh new way. In what is awesomely dubbed the race from Beijing to Berlin, 3F will host an EV race tour, the first of its kind. This is history in the making, and a new chapter to what is unquestionably an EV dominated world we’re heading towards.


If history has taught us anything, it’s that motorsport is a great way of getting more publicity and accelerating the rate of innovation in the automotive industry. Consider Formula 1, the pinnacle of racing. Most of the technology found in everyday cars trickles down from Formula 1 cars over time, and electric cars are no different. Competition is a healthy way of promoting the EV industry and rapid innovation in general.


China is the world’s largest EV manufacturer with highest EV adoption rate. No wonder then that the 3F tour kicks off in Beijing and finishes in Berlin. 3F welcomes and invites any Chinese EV manufacturer to join the race and help accelerate e-mobility even further.  A total of ten teams will compete for the ultimate prize, with each team entering with latest passenger EV models. Follow the live shows of team race tour during the race and learn about the new EVs racing and its capabilities and vote for your team you like.


It’s not just about competition though, because we place most of our focus on getting the public heavily involved. We want to give people an experience unlike any other and showcase what the latest and greatest EVs are truly capable of. Breaking certain inaccurate stigma and prejudice people have towards EVs is what 3F aims to accomplish. Each major hosting city events two days are reserved for test drives which anyone from the public can experience. We’re bringing the world of EVs closer to you than ever before, and it’s all happening across the span of two continents.


3F is looking to become an annual event with a heavy impact on the world of EVs. It has already gathered massive following from within the automotive industry as well as the public. Get involved in the campaign yourself and find out what makes this race so exciting.


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