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                                                    The Case of David versus Goliath… Ruvolo vs Walmart      

                                         “Pro Per litigant goes against Big Corporation and big Lawyers”             

                               “Pro Per litigant goes against Big Corporation and big Lawyers”           

USA, 12th December 2019 – Join in the fight against ill treatment on humanity as a David Ernest Ruvolo gets severely injured in Walmart Inc. Help support his just call.

According to reports and media buzz a Santa Ana man by name David Ernest Ruvolo, is exposing Walmart Inc for its negligence and gross misconduct including a lawsuit for what he calls a “A damage to his health and medical recovery”. David Ernest Ruvolo claims that he was tackled while employees at Walmart watched and never called police or alerted security agency. They denied him medical attention, then destroying the video tape with the surveillance. Currently David Ernest Ruvolo has a deformed rib that will never be the same again.

On May 14, 2019 DavId’s counsel was injured and that left Mr Ruvolo without representation in mid litigation. Due to the complexity of the case he had trouble finding a replacement that would represent him on contingency and had to pick up the case himself. Since then David Ruvolo has filed motions, confidently battled at ex parte, propounded evidence, and looks forward to a strong opposition to motion summary judgment on December 17, 2019.

Speaking on the case, Detective Rod Celello of Anaheim Police Department commented “Mr David Ruvolo contacted me via telephone, requesting assistance with this case. He mainly wanted to obtain the correct video surveillance regarding the incident. I contacted Walmart several times in person and on the telephone, inquiring about the video surveillance. Initially, I was told that they had the surveillance video and that they keep any video surveillance that involves a police investigation. I was further told that they were not sure where the video surveillance was and that a manager, who was on vacation, was probably the one that had knowledge of said video. I would later call Walmart and was told they did not have the video surveillance”.

The barbaric and unlawful acts against David violated the duties of care Walmart Inc owed to its customers/invitees and amounts to a complete disregard for human life. The lawsuit states “As a result of your insured’s negligence, David sustained injuries and endured severe pain, discomfort and emotional trauma. Based upon the physical injuries sustained by David Ruvolo he now has a life changing injury that is in a permanent deformed position”.

David warns Walmart shoppers not to feel safe inside of Walmart. He says, “Either you prepare to fight and risk going to jail, or you don’t and risk your life while Walmart employees spectate and then destroy the evidence. This experience leads me to believe, Walmart does not care about human life, only the bottom line.”

David Ernest Ruvolo is calling on individuals to join his clarion call for justice as the case is still in court.

About David Ernest Ruvolo                                

David Ernest Ruvolo is the founder of Urban Scholar Apparel LLC, ( a brand known for their premium collection of Tatts4Hats wears. David has attained his goals through hard work, and discipline. He is extremely focused and has the courage to take on even the most intimidating of adversaries without hesitation.

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Media Contact

David Ernest Ruvolo



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