The final countdown! BitsmoToken Sale Haste Phase Is On

It’s the final countdown! Hurry before tokens sale out! The last phase of the ICO has begun, but you still have few days left to buy BTSM tokens!

At this point in any token sale, questions around the release of the tokens, and the exchanges upon which the tokens will be tradable, start to increase. One of the most important things at the heart of that question is ‘will people who have purchased tokens at cheap rates be looking to sell them quickly to turn a profit?’.

Fortunately, an open token sale offers full transparency in regard to the participant profile, and bitsmo have some great news to share in regard to liquidity and exchange listings in due course, meanwhile, drawing the line at the course made: crossing the “the soft cap” point guarantees the further successful development of the project. The end of ICO is the beginning of the new Bitsmo story.

Bitsmo- the all in-one platform for digital currency is steadily winning the hearts of investors worldwide and its Token sales is performing exceptionally well. This haste phase (final lap) offers an attractive 8% bonus to potential investors who stand to gain a unique edge over the ones investing in other projects withtoken currently priced at 1BTSM = USD $0.20 or BTC/ETH equivalent.

“I’m thrilled that the blockchain community and institutional investors have so emphatically backed the team, our vision and the progress we’ve already made,” said Ethan Kang, The Project Manager of Bitsmo. “Stay tuned and keep supporting us. Our community is our biggest asset; we really count on you, guys!”

The premier platform has certain features that were programmed to give Btsm Holders highly attractive privileges and true value for using the platform and this includes discounts in form of rewards. First benefit is depicted in discounts. When the users use BTSM to pay for their fees, they will receive a significant discount. In the 1st year, the user can get up to 40% discount. In the second year, the user can get up to 30% discount. In the third year, the user can get up to 20% discount. In the 4th year, the user can get up to 10% discount. After the 4th year, the discount will remain at 10%.

Bitsmo has been in the buzz lately owing to their partnership with Modulus Global, a well known trading engine development firm in order to create a community for a better interactive networkwith highest security and offer a fully unparalleled experience to its users.The investors’ trust in the project is further magnified by the unprecedented transparency of the team.

Wait there’s more. Bitsmo features the most advanced security and hosting protection in partnership with the world’s best cyber security and web services providers. Interested investors need to take advantage of the last minute prices while the opportunity to buy BTSM tokens is still available. Get On Board NOW..


BITSMO offers a novel and completely auditable solution of the new robust platform where customers will be able to trade efficiently in the crypto space. BITSMO platform is connected with 30+ of the most popular exchanges to connect you to the best price in the crypto- market, in other words, they provide deep order books enabling BITSMO’s user to get the best selling or buying price in the crypto-market. BITSMO is a platform built to maximize your profit. Bitsmo aims at driving exponential growth in crypto-trading participation amongst institutional and sophisticated investors.

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