The Journey, Not the Outcome, Matters – Huy Nguyen, Founder of AMS ColdPro


The journey of entrepreneurship is challenging and exciting at the same time. And the way an entrepreneur conducts that journey speaks volumes about his/her personality and approach to business and life in general. Meet Huy Nguyen. A young and dynamic business owner, Huy has embarked on a path of entrepreneurship that defines him as an individual and reflects his personality.


Huy Nguyen is known for owning and operating AMS ColdPro LLC, an air conditioning contract company, based in Houston, Texas. A licensed and certified HVAC Contractor, he had quite a challenging path to success. His journey shaped him into the successful entrepreneur he is today.


Huy was born in Houston, Texas in 1982 seven years after his parents escaped Vietnam war. He and his sisters were raised in Houston. He pursued his high school education from Katy High School, followed by an associates degree from the University of Houston. During his teenage years, Huy followed the typical path of a young adult and experimented with different jobs. He worked as a busboy, a waiter, a car shop assistant, and a retail store assistant.


Soon, he dropped out of college and started working as an accountant. He continued his job for five years. But as they say, no one has it easy, and neither did Huy Nguyen. He faced a lot of ups and downs in his personal as well as professional life. But be managed to come out of his obstacles and found a job as an air-conditioner installer. Working with a fellow Vietnamese-American as his employer, Huy found inspiration from his boss’s accomplishments. Although he earned a meager hourly wage of eight dollars, he chose not to quit. In no time his hard work brought him results and he learned the tricks of the trade and became an expert in HVAC. His employer inspired him to take the path of entrepreneurship. That was when he realized that the traditional 9-5 job was not his pursuit and wanted to follow a different path of life. However, coming from a family of successful singers and musicians, it was quite a challenge for him to detour on a completely different course of a career.


For the next few years, Huy worked in different HVAC companies and mastered the technical skills. At the same time, he also observed his employers and colleagues and learned how to manage business operations in such a dynamic industry space. At work, he gradually got promoted from an installer to a Certified Service Technician. By then Huy knew that he wanted to start his own HVAC contracting business. He enhanced his tech skills by enrolling in programs for professional certification. After passing the state exam he got his HVAC license which allowed him to operate in Texas as an Air Conditioning Contractor.


With 20,000 dollars in his savings, Huy Nguyen took all his money and started his company. In two years, he transformed it into a million-dollar enterprise. His services became popular in and around Houston and brought him the accomplishment that he always desired. Recently, Huy Nguyen has also invested and launched his second business- The Cargo Crew LLC. The company engages in trucking, freight, and logistics services of goods and supplies all across the United States.


His hard work, determination, and a never-die attitude helped him rise above all challenges and establish a successful business. Huy Nguyen lives by his strong belief that the journey is always more important than the destination. To his life and business mantra, he adds.


“I want people to know and believe is that it is never too late in life to follow your dreams.  You’re going to fail constantly, but the key is to learn from those mistakes and never give up. I want people to know that Entrepreneurship and the American dream is still alive.  Anything is possible with making the right decisions, hard work, and patience.”





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