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Busihub is the newly launched mobile app for professionals. It has brought social and professional networking into the 21st century. Since its launch it has become one of the most talked about new apps available and is set to change the way people network.

Busihub is now available in iTunes

Busihub is now available in iTunes and Play Store. Easy to use, it allows people to increase their business and social networking circle through face to face meetings while at the same time expanding their knowledge while travelling for business and pleasure.

The new app has changed people’s lives. Travelling around the country for business can be a very lonely affair. But, imagine removing that loneliness and meeting new people no matter where a person visited. Well, that can now happen thanks to the Busihub app founded by Julien Mansourian

The app can be used for business or for pleasure. It can be used to build a strong business networking community where leads can be generated, and sales can be made, or, it can be used to meet like-minded people for social and professional occasions/events anywhere around you.

The Busihub app is easy to use and the way it works is very clever. By simply answering a few questions the app will allow the user to be connected to people with the same business and social interests when visiting any location worldwide. The embedded matching algorithm is crawling the database to provide a list of the most like-minded people you can meet.

Busihub networking app

When Julien Mansourian was asked why he invented the app he replied: “The app allows people with the same interests to be brought together to make networking meaningful. When two people have something in common then it allows them to share their thought leadership or professional topics while looking to form a sustained business partnership.”

Busihub has been described as the most powerful business networking app available. Since its launch, it has gained huge exposure around the world. No longer do people have to visit virtual apps or other community pages to find a match and collaborate, thanks to Busihub, people using the app can have a friend to meet up with in every town, city, or country they visit.

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About Busihub – The Real Networking

Busihub is a social and professional networking app with the aim of facilitating face to face meetings, expansion of knowledge and collaboration between like-minded people when travelling for business across continents.

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