The new 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot is a rockstar


The all-new 3rd generation is here to stay for a long time. The new echo dot is simply amazing and would be ranked 9/10.

As compared to all other previous models the new echo sounds much better, and that’s the reason it is not just an assistant but a powerful speaker now. The sound is much louder and clearer. At $49.99, the echo dot 3rd gen is a value device for home and office.

Now 2 echo dots can be paired together to create a stereo audio system. Use this for bigger rooms to get an amazing audio sound quality. This looks like a much better option than to connect a Sub. However, a Sub added to the mix can produce tremendous audio.

When we compared echo dot 2nd gen vs echo dot 3rd gen at the same volume level, there was a significant increase in the sound output in terms of volume and the quality. The new echo has way more bass and the max volume which is significantly louder.


Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Physical Appearance:

In size, the new device is half an inch bigger than the previous model and is a little heavier. The sides of the device are changed from the plastic shiny look to a fabric cover. This gives the new echo dot a much-sophisticated look and feel. The bottom has a silicon which helps give device a grip on the table top.

3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot

The device is available in 3 colors that are: charcoal, heather gray, and sandstone. The blue light stays at the top just like the previous device. The 4 buttons are also the same i.e. volume up, volume down, mute and action (to activate Alexa without the speech).


How to install Amazon Echo 3rd Generation:

The power connector is 5 meters long, which is quite long. To install the echo dot 3, simply connect the device to the power cable.

The device once turned on will prompt the following message “Hello, your device is ready for setup. Just download the Alexa app and follow the instruction.”

An amazing thing you can see is when you purchase the device from Amazon, your device will be automatically added to the Alexa app. This makes the setup quite easy.


Follow this link for echo dot setup.

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