The New Bitcoin Mixer Protects User Identification And Financial Transactions


Using a Bitcoin Mixer helps to make it more difficult to trace a connection with Bitcoin addresses. Since being launched, the new Bitcoin Mixer has become one of the most recommended security products available.


Hackers continue laundering Bitcoin but now it stops thanks to a new Bitcoin Mixer. The new Bitcoin Mixer has been launched to help provide increased security when dealing with Bitcoin transactions. It protects the identities of the addresses sending and receiving bitcoins.

Since the new Bitcoin Mixer has been launched, it has helped people to stay safe and buying and trading the digital currency. It has been named by many digital currency experts as one of the best levels of security when trading online.


There are more than 600,000 transactions per day, worth more than $2billion making Bitcoin very attractive to criminals. Criminals have now become more technical minded and are now turning to the Internet to commit crime instead of on the street. The theft of personal information and the theft of bitcoin has become very attractive for them.


Over the past 12 months there has been an increased activity of criminals hacking into transactions taking place, leaving those that trade in Bitcoin vulnerable to criminal activity and loss. According to one report, hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoins are stolen each year, and now a more recent report has said they expect that to double within five years unless people start using Bitcoin Mixers.


The Bitcoin Mixer service to ensure security is in place and to provide anonymity of transactions and wallets when making payments on the Internet. There are many reasons why people should start using the new Bitcoin Mixer, and here are just some of the reasons why and when a person should use a Bitcoin Mixer


1.       A Bitcoin Mixer should be used when making purchases from a merchant.


2.       Holding. When holding and storing bitcoins in a wallet.


3.       When making transactions with high volume wallets.


4.       Securing Hot Wallets


5.       In Exchange Transactions


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