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January 25, 2019: Karat Coin Bank has proudly announced that the free registration is now open on its website, offering a unique opportunity for everyone to become a part of its team. With a remarkable new and absolutely free 24K Gold Savings Account, members can enjoy an endless list of benefits including no maximums, no minimums, no contracts and free storage. Moreover, the emerging as well as the only global gold payment system has Gold in the Lowest Affordable denominations of about $5.00USD, which makes it affordable for nearly every person on the planet.

“Our Gold ships via FedEx when you request it and it is cheap from Germany, while we also offer free guarantee with no time limits for affiliate members, who want to exchange 100 “Specific” Crypto Coins which cost less than 5 cents each at a rate of 100 Coins for 1 Gram of Gold.” Said the spokesperson of Karat Coin Bank, while talking about the global old payment system. “Karat Coin Bank is the first crypto bank operating worldwide with a capital of USD 100 Million and we have got our own coin, our own exchange, our own global payment system and our own gold mine in Madagascar.” He added.

In addition, the Pre-ICO of this remarkable new coin will begin from July 4th this year. One gram of Gold is currently priced at about $41.00USD and 100 of KCB Coins. Moreover, the company has also announced to develop a new blockchain technology with a flexible fee system which can be used worldwide for payment of transactions using gold independently transparent decentralized. Other perks for the team members include all aspects of promotions available, free X-change account with the lowest fees, free support team, free company issued Mastercard debit card and much more.

By 2021, the company also plans to launch 10,000 ATM’s and Karatbars was founded in 2011 and is a direct marketing business with more than 530,000 Affiliates worldwide. Moreover, members will also be able to get a free smartphone app to manage their transactions and shipment. Moreover, they will also get free gold and high dollar incentives along with free affiliate webpages to grow their business as well as free live webinars and recorded trainings to help them learn how to make more money. Gold has always been one of the most priced commodity that has always had the highest value for all kinds of trading and this new system is a golden opportunity for everyone to make the most out of their money in the twenty first century.

For more information and to become a part of this growing gold team today, register now at:  

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